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“The bush was blazing, yet it was not consumed.” Exod. 3:2

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Rev. Jacob and Aliamma George

Mission co-workers in South Sudan since 2010
Serving with Giffen Institute of Theology at the invitation of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

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Contact: Jacob George (
Contact: Aliamma George (

Due to the current events in South Sudan, Aliamma and Jacob are in the US through April and are available to visit congregations as their schedule permits.  They will next be in the USA in 2016.  Email them or the Mission Connections office ( to extend an invitation to visit your congregation or organization.

The ceasefire that went into effect in South Sudan on January 23 provides a sign of hope. Continue to pray for the people, government, and churches of South Sudan. Read more.

About Jacob and Aliamma George's ministry
Jacob George teaches a full range of courses at Giffen Institute of Theology.  The school trains individuals to serve as pastors and evangelists and in other church-related vocations in the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.  The school is named for J. Kelley Giffen, the first Presbyterian missionary to serve in Sudan.

Jacob and Aliamma are also involved in Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in and around Malakal.  This strategy seeks to transform individuals and communities by integrating community-based development, evangelism and discipleship.

Country context
In 2005 a peace accord was signed that ended a bloody 50-year civil war between rebels in the mostly Christian and animist south (mostly black Africans) and the predominately Muslim government based in the north (mostly Arabs). This fragile peace is holding, but conflict continues in the country’s western region, where government-backed Arab militias have killed thousands of fellow Arabs living in Darfur. Amid adverse circumstances caused by war and poverty, Christianity in Sudan is vibrant and growing. The PC(USA) has longstanding relationships with two partner churches, the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, which serves northern Sudan, and the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, based in southern Sudan, now the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.  The PC(USA) joins its partners in a holistic approach to ministry that includes education and leadership development, community development, evangelism, and new church development.

About Jacob and Aliamma George
Jacob and Aliamma George know firsthand that the power of the gospel can transcend cultures. That is because they have seen the gospel transform lives both in their native India and in Houston, Texas, where they lived as young adults.  They have now heard God’s call to yet another place and culture, and they are excited about service in South Sudan.

 “I served as a pastor and teacher in Houston for the last 30 years,” says Jacob.  “Now the time has come to do this outside the country. I take it as a challenge to go to Sudan as a theological educator.”

Download a prayer card that lifts up the George's work in South Sudan

Jacob was pastor of the Emmanuel Church of South India in Houston for 32 years. The congregation is affiliated with both the Church of South India and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Church of South India is a longtime international partner of the PC(USA).

Jacob’s commitment to ministry and evangelism was formed early in his life. “I was born in a pastor’s home, and at the age of 12 I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,” he says. “I have had the desire to share the Christian faith to non-Christians since I was a small child.”

In addition to his ministerial duties in Houston, Jacob taught science in the public schools. His dual career experiences help him tackle his diverse assignment in Sudan.

Aliamma also brings to mission service a faith journey that began in childhood. “When I was in second grade in India, my parents left home for a small village to do mission work,” she says. “My parents had dedicated me for the Lord’s work, and I have tried to tell others about him in my school, college and work places.”

Aliamma has worked for many years as a registered nurse, a professional background that is proving helpful as she and Jacob work with Sudanese who are implementing the Community Health Evangelism strategy. The goal is to present the gospel message and practical steps for communities to improve their physical circumstances. People work together on projects such as clean water, general sanitation, agricultural diversification, small businesses development and literacy.

Aliamma first developed an interest in Sudan by meeting Sudanese refugees who visited the clinic where she worked. “I had positive encounters with them,” she says, “and I am happy for the chance to help their home country.”

Jacob says that Sudanese Christians carry a message that gives hope to a country torn apart by war and poverty. “I believe that the gospel can change communities and then eventually the nation.”

Aliamma – June 2
Jacob – February 23



  • Happy Birthday, Jacob! Our prayers are with you this weekend as we remember you on your birthday coming up this week. May God protect you and keep you. by Pastor Walter Hamer on 02/17/2011 at 12:37 p.m.

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