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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” — John 14:27

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A letter from Carol and Leith Fujii in Thailand

June 17, 2009

Dear Co-laboring friends,

Time to go visit in the States again ... already?! Has it really been two years since we returned to Thailand from that wonderful year of interpretation in the States? It was so satisfying and blessed a year that in the end, we were ready and eager to get back “home” to Thailand and get going again in the ministry. The two-year term has been wonder-filled, and frankly, we’re feeling somewhat like being called to take a break while we’re “running at our stride.” Nevertheless, we trust God’s timing and are now in the midst of closing up things on this side and making preparations for ministry on the other side of the Pacific.

Now, hopefully we didn’t give you the impression that we aren’t eager to see you! We do indeed look forward to being with you again. We confess that our correspondence during this term has been sparse, especially after having such a great bonding time with many of you. We felt so satisfied with our State-side year — the Thai expression “eem jai” (“filled heart”) well describes our feeling — that we really focused our attention and energies when we got back to Thailand. In some ways, we’ve been operating like snorkelers or pearl divers after a good gulp of fresh air — eagerly immersing again, intent on diving down deeper!

So, time to resurface and focus again on sharing some of the blessings your partnership has made possible. As always, we are also looking forward to hearing and learning about what God is doing in your lives and ministries — these are indeed some of the most valuable “souvenirs” and resources that we will bring back to Thailand!

Here’s a brief description of what we’re looking at for the interpretation assignment period in the States. We’re planning to participate in two major events.

The first, World Mission Challenge 2009, will come at the conclusion of our time. We will be among the 40 PC(USA) mission workers sent to hundreds of congregations in 151 presbyteries to share the story of how God is at work around the world. It’s a reprise of a similar event in 2007, and we’ll all be on the go from September 25 to October 18, 2009. A concluding World Mission Celebration, a large gathering for Presbyterians who care deeply about mission, is planned for October 22-24 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. You can learn more about these events at the Mission Challenge Web site or by calling Ellen Dozier at (888) 728-7228, x5916.

The second major event for us is Lani’s transition to college life at Saint Mary’s University in northern California. Carol will return with Lani at the end of June, stopping in San Francisco en route to New Mexico. Leith will join them a month later (after graduation at the Bangkok Institute of Theology) at Carol’s parents’ home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. From Los Alamos, Leith especially will be available to travel and share with congregations during August and September until the beginning of World Mission Challenge. If you’re interested in arranging for a visit please contact us through our Web page. Please note that the ongoing policy of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is for hosting congregations to be responsible only for travel, housing and meal costs associated with the arranged visit. We will continue to receive our regular monthly salary while we are Stateside, so no honorariums are necessary.

Photo of a young man smiling at the camera. In the background and below the man are mountains.

Tee getting vision.

When we get a chance to visit, please do invite us to tell you about Tee and the Student Missions Group at BIT. This is definitely one of the exciting developments from this past term and has also entailed Leith’s visit with a large unreached people group in a neighboring country. There’s much to share, but best not done in print — we trust that you understand.

As we try to wrap up here and also prepare to be stateside, please join us in praying:

  • Visa and work permit to be processed and authorized by June 24
  • Preparation of Teerasak and BIT Student Mission Group leadership.
  • Logistics of housing and transportation while settling Lani in California.
  • Karin’s adjustment to her recently begun Peace Corps assignment in Cameroon.

Thanks again for your terrific partnership!

Leith and Carol Fujii

The 2009 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 110


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