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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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A letter from Nancy Dimmock in Lesotho

March 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings from a beautiful, summer-moving-into-fall day here in Lesotho.

In loving memory... 2006-2012

In mid-December Frank and I were asked to collect a child being discharged from the hospital and take him to Ministry of Hope Lesotho.  He had been in a large orphanage here in Maseru since he was 2.  His immune system was compromised and he had struggled for years to maintain his health.  Finally Social Welfare and the nurses at the pediatric hospital were transferring him to a place where he could get regular food and careful medical follow-up.  But, as I held his still feverish little body and looked into his somber eyes, I wondered WHY have we all waited so long to provide proper care to this precious boy?  He was 6 years old, yet was fitting into my arms like a toddler.

He was welcomed, joyfully, at MoHL and began to respond to the TLC and good food there.  On the 18th of December they had a lovely pre-Christmas party and he ate and danced and smiled.  But by the 22nd his little body seemed to go into “free fall.”  He was hospitalized again.  Christmas day, for all of us, held an undercurrent of sadness, knowing he was struggling for life even as we celebrated with friends and family.  And on December 27 he went to be with Jesus.  

There are so many “if onlys” about his life that are very convicting.  As his legacy, I would urge us all to not delay to do good, to fill needs that we see and can fill, to respond immediately to the urgings of the Spirit.  Doing this might make the difference between life and death for one such as this.

Special December with grandparents, Dave and Polly Miller

Despite this particular event, we did have a wonderful, month-long visit with my Mom and Dad, Dave and Polly Miller.  They had served in Lesotho for 12 years in 1980s and enjoyed being able to meet many old friends and visit once-familiar places.  Everywhere we went people were amazed that they were “still young!”

Our biggest news is that Frank has been offered a new position with our mission agency, a position called Global Poverty Network Catalyst.  The press release describes the position as follows:

“Presbyterian World Mission is focusing their work on three Critical Global Issues: Poverty, Evangelism and Reconciliation. In order to help Presbyterians engage with these three critical global issues, Presbyterian World Mission has hired three “Catalysts.” These Catalysts are experts in the issues, and excellent at networking churches and individuals who have passion and energy to work in these areas. The Catalysts will inspire, equip and connect the church to the issues of Poverty, Evangelism and Reconciliation, serving as resources and working to start a movement of Presbyterians involved in God’s mission in the world in each of these areas. The Poverty Network Catalyst is Frank Dimmock. Frank’s extensive experience in poverty work in Africa, especially as it impacts women and children, will be of great value to the larger church in addressing this issue."

Alifa and friends on their way to International Schools' Global Issues conference in Nairobi, Kenya

It’s a “dream job” for Frank.  He is indeed passionate about connecting and motivating brothers and sisters around the world to share in the work of Jesus Christ around issues of poverty.  There is much overlap between the three catalyst positions, and Frank is looking forward to being a part of this committed team.  It is a staff position, requiring his physical presence in the U.S. about 40 percent of the time.  However, with technology being what it is today, and with the thought of supporting my continued call to serve in Africa, our colleagues in Louisville have agreed that we can maintain an African “home base.” It will necessitate a move from Lesotho, however, to one of the PC(USA)’s focus countries.  So we are making plans to move in July after the kids get out of school.  Big changes and lots of adjustments ahead, yet we recognize God's hand in this and anticipate GOOD for all involved.  Thank you for your prayers during the coming months!

Other family news:  Nathan and Leah and our precious grandson, Isaiah, are doing well in Hampton, Va.  One skype visit and some video clips have allowed us to “see” him and hear him.  Wonderful!  Moses remains committed to the kids in the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in Asheville.  And he has found a good church with a congenial group of young adults.  Jesse is now officially “in a relationship” with Saul Huber, a very nice young man she met through Marion Medical Mission.   They are both working for MMM now and have moved to within 30 miles of each other.  We are watching developments there with bated breath and a smile!  Katie continues to love her girls in the Hosanna House program in Jacksonville, Fla.  However, the program is understaffed and the dorm moms are getting worn out.  So please do pray for more staff for that program and for stamina for Katie and her colleagues.

Andrew bridling his horse

As I write we are days away from son Andrew’s 16th birthday.  His idea of fun is a two-day pony trek with his friends, so they will do that this coming weekend.  Alifa is doing really well at the American International School.  She had the opportunity to attend a Global Issues Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, recently, with kids from International Schools all over the continent. Isaac just topped 5' and this is very important!  It makes him the tallest in his 4th grade.  Jack continues to love to learn and is starting to read “chapter books.”  All are healthy and doing well.

During these days of change and uncertainty, we are reminded of the words from an old hymn:   “I know not where the road will lead, I follow day by day, Or where it ends: I only know I walk the King’s highway. The way is truth, the way is love, For light and strength I pray, And through the years of life, to God, I walk the King’s highway.

Thank you for walking along the Way with us.

With love, 

Frank and Nancy Dimmock

The 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 122
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