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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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A letter from Frank and Nancy Dimmock in Lesotho

December 2012

Dear Friends,

We have set up an Advent wreath, decorated a small tree, and hung EIGHT stockings on the book case this year in preparation for our Christmas celebration.  We were able to talk Nancy’s parents, Dave and Polly Miller, into one last (?) trip to Africa this Christmas,  and we are thoroughly enjoying our time together.  They have met many friends whom they knew “back when” and the amazement at their continued health and vigor is universal.  Le  ntse le le bacha!You are still young!

Dimmock Kids - Christmas 2012

Mom and Dad lived in Maseru for eight years in the late 1980s and are amazed at the extra miles of pavement and the growth of the city—making some sectors almost unrecognizable.  We have visited the several churches that Dad was instrumental in getting built.  They are too small for their communities now.  Isn’t that a wonderful problem to have?  They are holding two or three services every Sunday to meet the need.

We are just back from a four-day family holiday at a guest farm across the border.  The weather was beautiful and those of us with peach skin came back with a tan.  Our 15-year-old son Andrew enjoyed three days of “free range” horseback riding, and the rest of us enjoyed swimming, biking and reading.  Now we are home and will finish baking and preparing for Christmas.

Our four older children will spend Christmas scattered around the U.S.  Nathan and Leah and OUR NEW GRANDSON, Isaiah (born October 31), will be in Pennsylvania with Leah’s family.  Moses has been invited to join them, and will drive up from North Carolina after work on the 21st.  Our daughter Jesse will spend Christmas in Illinois with her boyfriend’s family. (She and Saul Huber met in July, during an orientation program for volunteers going to Malawi to help install shallow wells with the Marion Medical Mission.)  And daughter Katie will be spending Christmas with “her girls” at Hosanna House in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is working as a dorm mom.  We will miss them but are so proud of each one, and excited about the paths down which God is leading them.

Over at the new Ministry of Hope house, here in Lesotho, there will be a Christmas feast and new clothes for each of the 14 children receiving care there at the moment.  Please pray for the health of all of them, and for families to be identified in the coming new year for the 9 who have no one.

We send our love and prayers for a new year of peace and joy in each of your lives, because the Prince of Peace has come to be our Emmanuel (God with us)!!


Frank and Nancy Dimmock

The 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 122
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