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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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A letter from Frank and Nancy Dimmock in Lesotho

March 9, 2010

Dear Friends,

Today has been a hands-on ministry kind of day. These are great because they serve to inform and personalize our more-often administrative, statistical, advising kinds of days.

Photo of a SUV and trailer; two people load the trailer; a man stands on the roof of the car.

Frank loading his car and trailer.

Photo of a groupd of people standing in front of a building; Nancy is sitting hold a small child on her lap.

The family with helpers.

Frank was asked to borrow a trailer and help move a vulnerable family (a mentally ill woman with her three daughters) into a new little house in a safe neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital city. They will be able to live in this house, rent free, and will be supported through the palliative care program of a new branch of Ministry of Hope in Lesotho. This little family has moved repeatedly over the past few years — sometimes being kicked out, sometimes leaving for their own protection. We pray that now they can find some peace, and will be able to put their energies into their own health, welfare, and education.

Nancy, meanwhile, was at the Ministry of Insured Salvation orphanage helping with a “scabies eradication campaign.” Scabies is so infectious — and it has spread rampantly through the 115 kids living in close quarters at the orphanage. The baby room was hardest hit, and probably where the outbreak started. It has meant boiling pots and pots of hot water for washing ALL bedding and clothing!! (How grateful we were to two new top-loading washing machines — gifts from University Presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill, N.C.!) Tonight, ALL the children will be “painted” with benzyl benzoate lotion — and again for two more nights following. A small army of volunteers has been helping. We hope it works!

Photo of Nancy holding a young boy who has his arm around her shoulder; they are both smiling broadly.

Nancy and Sechaba.

Through the nudging of the Holy Spirit, a family in the United States asked about the possibility of adopting a particularly vulnerable child from the orphanage. His name is Sechaba. He is 7 years old, but severely stunted because of malnutrition and curvature of the spine. The discernment process about his future requires extensive medical evaluations and building him up nutritionally. Since these things cannot be done at the orphanage, the director asked if we would be his caregivers during this process. We agreed and have been blessed with a new ‘imp’ in our household! He is settling in quickly and is now comfortable enough to argue with and even tease Isaac and Jackson! As a result of his presence, our Sesotho and his English are improving by the day. He is a blessing. His major assessments will be done in South Africa on March 25. If you happen to think of it, please pray for him on that day.

The rest of the family is doing well. Nathan is pushing ahead on his college course, still aiming to graduate in December. This will require two summer school classes, but he is committed to getting finished. Moses graduated from UNC Pembroke this past December and is currently doing an internship in northern Uganda, teaching art to kindergarteners, and loving it. Jesse is counting down to her graduation from Davidson College on May 16. She will then come to us for two months of African rehab and recuperation! Katie is living in our house in Marion, N.C., and attending the local community college — still working toward a PE degree. She is gaining independence and growing up. Andrew, Alifa, Isaac and Jackson bring home primary and middle school stories and issues each day, which keep us challenged and entertained. We are so proud of each one.

This is our first letter of 2010. Even though we are almost three months into the new year, we wish you God’s rich blessings as you journey with him through the coming days. What a privilege it is to serve our Great God!!

Frank and Nancy Dimmock

The 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 64


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