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A letter from Dennis Smith in Argentina (Regional liaison for Brazil and Southern Cone)

November 2013

Dear friends:

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, this is a special note to ask for your prayers.

On Dec. 3 Maribel will have surgery here in Buenos Aires to remove her thyroid.  A couple of weeks ago a biopsy indicated that she has a small malignant tumor on her thyroid that requires prompt treatment.  Thankfully, Maribel currently experiences no discomfort and is facing the surgery with equanimity.  This is quite a common procedure, and the prognosis is excellent for a full and prompt recovery.  The treatment should require no more than one night in the hospital.

We are glad to report that we have access to excellent medical care here and that the insurance coverage provided for us by Presbyterian World Mission is excellent.

As always, your prayers are a source of solace and strength.

We plan to escape the heat and humidity of the city — and give Maribel a post-surgery break — by spending our summer vacation at the beach!  From Dec 18 to Jan 2 we’ll be ensconced in the manse at Claromecó, Argentina.  The congregation there of the Reformed Churches of Argentina has invited us to hang out there for a couple of weeks.  My only tasks will be to preach on Sundays and do their weekly radio program.  So Christmas and New Year’s Day will be spent basking in the Argentine sun!

I’ll conclude this brief update with word of a unique giving opportunity.  Do you remember all those NPR pledge drives where the host announces that if you call before the hour is up, your gift will be matched by a generous donor?  It turns out that Presbyterian World Mission has a similar opportunity for individuals to share in supporting mission workers.  We have received matching commitments up to a total of $78,500.  

If you donate as an individual to our account (E200481) before Dec. 31 it will be matched with a gift to the general sending and support account (E132192).  Just put the phrase “E200481 match program” on your check or in the comment box on the webpage.

The general sending and support account enables Presbyterian mission personnel to work in about 50 countries.  As churchwide mission funding continues to change, we cannot keep mission workers in service unless Presbyterians support us with gifts over and above their congregational giving.  Presbyterian World Mission will send as many mission workers as the church will support.

Oh.  I’m afraid I can’t promise you a coffee mug though!

Under the Mercy,


The 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 12
Read more about Dennis and Maribel Smith's ministry

Write to Dennis Smith
Write to Maribel Smith

Individuals: Give online to E200481 for Dennis and Maribel Smith's sending and support
Congregations: Give to D503801 for Dennis and Maribel Smith's sending and support



  • Prayers for Maribel, and all the family! by Lynn McClintock on 12/03/2013 at 2:45 p.m.

  • Dennis, All the best to you both. Of course I will pray for Maribel. Alice by alice schrade on 12/02/2013 at 7:19 p.m.

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