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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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A letter from Kay Day in Malawi

November 22, 2010

Dear family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! That is not something that I have the opportunity to say to anyone here in Malawi, since Thanksgiving is not a Malawian holiday. But this is not to say that there is no giving of thanks here. There is plenty. In fact, if there is anything that I have been reminded of while living here, it is that Thanksgiving is not a holiday to be celebrated, but rather it is a way of life to be lived. Thanksgiving is a part of life here every day, multiple times a day.

Jean and Chimwemwe have been visiting with me for a few days and this point has been driven home by Chimwemwe, who is only 4 years old. They were at the house when I returned from a week at a workshop. Chimwemwe’s first statement, after his welcome, was “Let’s pray and thank Jesus you are home safely.” When we arise in the morning and before we go to bed at night, we thank God for his provision for us and his care, through the night or through the day. On Saturday, when we returned from shopping, having purchased, among other things, a bicycle for Chimwemwe, his request was that we pray immediately and thank God for all he had given us, so he could then go try his new bike. He couldn’t ride it until he had thanked God for it. He knew that.

So this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all of you and for your love and support throughout the year. I am thankful for a successful surgery on my hip and the ability to walk well again. I thank God for all the visitors who have come into my life and my home this year, from all over the world. They have broadened my view of God’s kingdom and his work. I am so thankful for all the progress that has been made at Chigodi this year. There is life there again. I praise God for the work with the pastors of the Synod in the various training events. I am grateful for the colleagues I work with here at the Synod. Even in the midst of struggles, we can work through things and find a way forward. I am thankful for special Malawian friends, like the Ncozana family and the Kadawati family. I am deeply grateful for the family God has given me here in Malawi and for the family in the States. I praise God for his hand of protection in all my travels. I don’t want to take any of this for granted. All are gifts from God.

So, as I eat chicken (not turkey) and only dream of pumpkin pie (pumpkins are out of season here), my prayer for myself and for you is that we continue to grow in thankfulness for all our circumstances. I pray that we see more clearly God’s hand of care and of provision on our lives and in all the situations of life.  

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kay (Cathie to the family)

The 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 59


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