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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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A Letter from Mamie Broadhurst and Richard Williams in Colombia

April 2010

Days of Miracles

Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you” (John 20)

Photo of a group of people outdoors standing and sitting in a semicircle. Worshiping together.

As we celebrated Easter this past Sunday (yes, it’s a season, not just a day) I was reminded of just how often new life bursts in around our regular routines. Which, of course, is the story of Easter — God’s new life bursting into the routines of fear and domination that rule this world.

We were celebrating this first Sunday after Easter with the Communidad del Camino — the Community on the Way — on its fifth anniversary. It is a new church start up of the Presbytery of the North Coast, and as a new church, is a wonderful burst of new life. Whereas the Sunday after Easter can be a typically low Sunday, here they had to move it to a larger venue to provide space for the joy and celebration. New life is always bursting forth somewhere.

We’ve seen lots of that new life around here recently. We just completed a bi-national reflection, evaluation, and visioning of the Presbyterian Accompaniment Program, one of the main programs Mamie and I work with. Every month for the past five years, groups of two people from the United States have come here to accompany the Igelsia Presbiteriana as it goes about its work of proclaiming God’s good news to all people.

In the evaluation, we saw the miracle of two groups of people from completely different cultures meet — as equals — and try to discern what God is calling for in the future. There are many pitfalls on the road to having true partnerships across our two churches, but with passion and grace, all of the participants walked ahead together. We are excited to see the ways the Accompaniment Program will continue to grow and introduce more U.S. persons to the context of mission of the Iglesia Presbiteriana here in Colombia.

We had another chance to see new life on our recent trip to Washington, D.C., for Ecumenical Advocacy Days. While lobbying in D.C. might not be the first place one would think of to see God’s new life springing forth, we were able to see what happens when concerned groups of people talk to our government about policies that have life and death consequences for countries like Colombia. We were able to see our congressperson, Danny Davis, sign on to a bill for concern for Colombia’s Indigenous and Afro-descent populations right after our visit. While it is easy to believe that one person, one voice cannot make a difference, in this Easter season we know that God is at work to heal and restore this world into a community of peace, justice, and reconciliation.

We invite you to join us in discovering new life this Easter season. One way you can join with us is to participate in the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. This is one way to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Colombia and to make a difference that affects millions of lives. The days are this weekend — April 16–19. For more information, visit the Days of Prayer and Action home page

Photograph of faces. Face the displaced.

This year’s theme is “Face the Displaced” — a chance to put a face to the almost four million persons displaced by Colombia’s ongoing violent conflict. Find out more ways you can be involved, particularly in next Monday (4/19) call in day to Congress by following these links:

As always, we invite you to keep up with our blog, Called to Colombia

Blessings and Peace in this season of New Life ~
Mamie y Richard

The 2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 293

Join us!

Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia, April 16-19

The Days of Prayer and Action is a time for people of faith to gather to learn more about the situation of our sisters and brothers in Colombia and to call for more just policies of our government towards Colombia.

This year’s theme is “Face the Displaced” — a chance to put a face to the almost four million persons displaced by Colombia’s ongoing violent conflict. Find out more ways you can be involved, particularly in next Monday (4/19) call in day to Congress by following these links:

Four ways to take part

Days of Prayer and Action home page

Prayer Requests:

  • Thanksgiving for a tremendous celebration and planning session after 5 years of the Colombia Accompaniment Program between PC(USA) and the IPC. May the lessons we have all learned improve our work together for the safety and well-being of Colombians.
    • Prayers of gratitude for all those who attended Ecumenical Advocacy Days this year, and great joy for the ways in which our time has already borne fruit!
    • Prayers of thanksgiving for Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Ill., who recently joined in our financial support team. We are also grateful to one of their members who matched their gift — what a blessing and a joy. Thanks to all who continue to help us raise much needed support.
  • Days of Prayer and Action — April 16–19

Supporting Churches: (we’re happy to add to the list!)

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