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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

Middle Eastern Emerging Ministries
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Recommended reading and links

Bibles and hymnals in Arabic or Farsi are available upon request to Presbyterian fellowships and congregations. If you are interested in recieving these you can contact us via email.

To order the resources below, contact the office of Middle Eastern Emerging Ministries at (800) 728-7228, x5089 or by email.

Women and the Word: Studies in the Gospel of John (Arabic)
By Frances Taylor Gench

What the Bible Teaches about Women’s Ordination and Ministry (Arabic)
By Adel W. Malek

Christian Stewardship (Arabic)
By Amal Marks

Eldership in the Reformed Churches Today (Arabic)
By Milan Opocensky

Walk, My Sister: Reformed Perspective on Women’s Ordination (Arabic)
Milan Opocensky

Confessions of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches (Arabic)
By George Sabra

The Racial Ethnic Torch

Summer 2014 
In this issue, you will meet Racial Ethnic leaders who are transforming the church even as they are themselves being transformed. You will learn about significant issues and initiatives that relate to racial ethnic congregations and interest groups, exciting new additions to our ministry staff, and General Assembly events. Read online or download here.

The following resources are available at online retailers or your local bookseller

Who Are the Christians in the Middle East?
By Betty Jane Bailey and J. Martin Bailey

A welcome addition to the literature on Arab Christians, this book presents in a brief, highly readable format basic information on the various Eastern Churches.  Introductory essays present the Churches' histories and their increased contemporary cooperation. The authors profile each community and their leader, including Web sites and email addresses. An instructive book.
ISBN 0-8028-1020-9

Dying in the Land of Promise: Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from Pentecost to 2000
By Donald E. Wagner

This book presents the reader with two simultaneous narratives, the dominant of which is the story of Palestinian Christianity. The narratives are set within the context of Palestine’s changing political and religious history. Gradually the secondary narrative overtakes the Christian narrative, particularly during the last 125 years with the rise of nationalism, Zionism, the triumph of Israel and the dramatic decline of Palestinian Christianity in the Holy Land.
ISBN 1-90176422-2

From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East
By William Dalrymple

A retracing of a pilgrimage of A.D. 587 chronicles the journeys of two monks across the pre-Islamic Byzantine Empire as they collect the ancient Christian wisdom of sages and desert hermits and discusses the same region today.
ISBN 0-8050-5873-7

Arab Friends, Neighbors, and Guests
A Study Guide for Christians
By Katy Abdallah

Increase your understanding of Arab Americans and the Arab world through Bible studies, discussion question and activities. This four-part study guide will help you show hospitality to Arab Americans, share faith stories with Arab Christians and non-Christians and discover the diversity of Arab cultures and religions.
ISBN 0-8066-4447-8

Arab-American Almanac
By Joseph R. Haiek

The most comprehensive reference book on the Arab-American community. Begins with a historical chronology, then discusses Arab-American organizations, press and religious institutions, with contact information for all. Information on the Arab states and each of the U.S. states is presented, along with an Arab-American Who's Who.

Recommended reading on being Presbyterian

The Presbyterian Handbook provides historical and theological information about Presbyterian beliefs alongside fun-filled facts and practical tips on being a churchgoing follower of Jesus Christ. Complete with illustrators, the book presents a wonderful combination of vast truths, complex details, and bits of humor about Presbyterian understanding of the Christian life. This unique and incredibly handy resource is perfect for Presbyterian adults, youth, students, families and all those interested in learning about much of what encompasses life in the church.



Office for the Middle East
The Middle East has been of prayerful concern for Presbyterians for more than a century and a half. Missionaries have been sent to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Israel, Iran, Iraq, some Gulf States and Afghanistan.

International Evangelism
PC(USA) seeks to work with overseas partners in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC)
ACREC maintains a prophetic witness to the church as an advocate for people of color, monitoring existing and emerging issues in the church and society as they impact our constituent communities.


Middle East Council of Churches
The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) is a fellowship of churches relating itself to the main stream of the modern ecumenical movement, the same which gave birth to the World Council and other regional ecumenical councils throughout the world.


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