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“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Acts 2:4

Joining Hands
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Stories and News

Extractives and Water

Congo: POM Network of the Democratic Republic of Congo Enters into Joining Hands Partnership

Cameroon:  Holding Multinational Companies Accountable

Cameroon:Cameroon EITI Compliant Status Masks Unresolved Transparency Challenges

Peru: Addressing Root Causes of Poverty:Think Globally, Act Locally...or vice versa?

Bolivia: Youth Confront Their Realities in Relation to Water and the Environment

Peru: Global Warming and Climate Change in the Central Andes of Peru

Holding on to Gains in Transparency Legislation

Cameroon: Measuring Cameroon's Transparency in the the Oil, Gas and Mining Sector

Cameroon: Publish What You Pay: Moral Questions Loom Larger as Economies Globalize

Peru: The 6th International Congress of Youth Environmentalists Focuses on Mining Contamination

Bolivia: Environmental Justice for Communities Affected by Mining Contamination in Oruro, Bolivia

Bolivia: “Poverty and Pollution” Photo Contest and Exhibit Raise Awareness

Bolivia: World Water Day 2013

Bolivia: Bolivian Encounter Spurs Watershed Recovery in Oregon

Peru: Successful Peru Vigil

Cameroon: Publish What You Pay One Year Anniversary

Bolivia: Illuminating the Life of Child Miners in Bolivia

Mountaintop Mining

Food and Land

Sri Lanka: War Crimes and Intimidation: The Challenge of Human Rights Defenders in Sri Lanka

Haiti: Haiti Partnership: Mission Beyond Doing, Fixing, and Filling

El Salvador: Desires for a New Year: working to eliminate agrotoxins from the food system

India: Catholic Priest Says Justice-Work Demands Spiritual Discipline: Working for the poor requires sacrifice

Bolivia: The Struggle for Life: Reflections on the International Peacemakers Program

Egypt: Perspectives on Partnership: Ties Bind Joining Hands Amidst Revolutionary Struggle

Sri Lanka: The Struggle of Sri Lankan Plantation Communities for Land

El Salvador: World Food Day March Demonstrates Unity for Food Sovereignty in El Salvador

India: Saving Seeds, Saving Life: Farmers in India Gear Up for a Second Freedom Struggle

Haiti: We are women farmers: we deserve more!

India: “Quit India!” Historical Slogan Energizes a New Seed sovereignty Movement in India

Sri Lanka: Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Sri Lanka Struggle for Land Access

Cameroon: Land Grab in Cameroon: Learning in the Field

Cameroon: Cameroon Declared to Have Achieved Millennium Development Goal 1: Rhetoric or Reality?

Cameroon: Herakles Farms: Suspension or Business as Usual?

Egypt: Awakening of Egypt to Harmful Effects of Chemical Pesticides and Fertilizers

Sri Lanka: Land Grabbing Through Tourism: Boon or Bane in Kalpitaya

Haiti: Food Sovereignty in Haiti: The Importance of a Well-Organized Movement

Cameroon: Customary Land Ownership Increasingly in Jeopardy: Monitoring Trends in Cameroon

El Salvador: Organizations Come Together to Work Toward the Common Goal of Food Sovereignty in El Salvador

India: Protecting Seeds: Safeguarding Humanity

India: Working with Dalits for a Better Tomorrow

Cameroon: Relufa Subnational Report

India: Making The Government Serve the People

India: Combating Seed Monopoly and Agro-chemical Destruction of Food Sovereignty and Security

Sri Lanka: People's Tribunal on Development Displacement

Trade Reform

Look in the Mirror: God can use you to change the world

Chasqui Recognitions: Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery Honors the Past While Calling into the Future

Peru: Shining a Light on Corruption

Peru: The Struggle for Transparency in Trade: Why it's an Issue in Ministry

Peru: Unexpected Trade Activists: Giddings-Lovejoy Takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Peru: Our Rights are Not Negotiable!

Murphy sings for Transparency in Trade

Peru: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Peru: Greedtopia: A Teach-in on Global Trade and Climate Change

Peru: Trade Agreements vs. Democracy

Peru: No Greater Rights


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