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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

Invitation to the Word
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Read Scripture

We can read Scripture in a variety of contexts

the Bible is the church’s book

In public worship, we encounter the Word read from the church’s Bible and hear it proclaimed through preaching. Reading from the same pulpit Bible week in and week out can underscore the notion that the Bible is the church’s book, not that of individuals alone. You may consider bringing the pulpit Bible down into the midst of the congregation to read.

engage the Word

Bible study or prayer groups allow us to engage the Word in a more intimate setting, where friends in Christ can share personal reflections and discern together the will of God.

Read the word daily

For individuals a daily, disciplined reading plan of some sort is beneficial; thus, using the daily lectionary readings or a program for reading through the Bible can be helpful to discipline individual reading.

Hear the Word

One of the great ways to read Scripture is to hear it read aloud (subscribe to the weekly lectionary podcast Hear the Word) — in worship, in small groups and even individually. Scripture takes on a whole new dimension when you can hear its rhythms, its cadences and its poetry, features often overlooked when only read silently.

Get guidelines for reading Scripture aloud in public worship.


Host a public readinG

There is an oral power to hearing all of a book of the Bible read in one setting. In the 1970’s Broadway theatre goers were astounded by the one-man show St. Mark’s Gospel, which won Sir Alec McGowen a Tony nomination. It was nothing but a man in jeans and a T-shirt on a bare stage with only minimal props reciting the Gospel According to St. Mark. The following services are offered as a way for one of the gospels to be read aloud in one sitting with some prayers and hymns. 

Download a Service for the Public Reading of the Gospel According to Mark

Download a Service for the Public Reading of the Gospel According to Luke

Read the New Testament aloud

You may want to consider reading other books of the Bible in their entirety as well. See a chart with approximate times for reading books of the New Testament aloud.



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