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“Daughter, your faith has made you well.” —Mark 5:34

Growing in Grace and Gratitude
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“With thoughtful biblical background for the teacher and age-appropriate learning activities, children will grow in their understanding of God’s grace as it is revealed through biblical stories.”

—Elizabeth Caldwell,
McCormick Theological Seminary


  • Engaging Bible stories based on Scripture reveal God’s grace
  • Sessions foster hospitality for all children, including those with special needs
  • Audio versions of all Bible stories bring God’s Word to life
  • Two formats are available: print and downloadable PDF 
  • Narrowly graded curriculum for children ages 3–10 as well as a multiage
  • Interactive e-book for families to use at home
  • Colorful illustrations spark imagination
  • Music CD enhances weekly stories
  • Sessions available in English and Spanish
  • And much more!


Download a 3-year Scope & Sequence here.

Click here to download sample (English)
Click here to download sample (Spanish)

Click here to download sample (English)

Click here to download sample (English)

Click here to download sample (English)
Click here to download sample (Spanish)

Leader’s Material 

Solid biblical and theological background for leaders is found in the first section of the session plan: “Recognizing God’s Grace.” The weekly text is explored and helps reveal God’s grace in Scripture. The sections “. . . In Your Children’s Experiences” and “. . . In Your Relationships with the Children” provide leaders with a clear understanding of
the needs, abilities, and interest of the children.

 The easy-to-use session plans continue with three parts: “Gathering in God’s Grace,” “Responding in Gratitude,” and “Loving and Serving God.”  

  • Gathering in God’s Grace: Welcoming and preparing children to hear God’s Word. This part of the session includes singing and praying, as well as hearing and reflecting on the week’s Bible story. It includes a handy, comprehensive “you will need” list and a thumbnail illustration of the Bible story in the sidebar.  
  • Responding in Gratitude: A selection of age-appropriate activities for leaders to choose based on the group size and time available. Some activities require minimal preparation, while others (noted as “more prep”) will need advanced planning and/or supplies. 
  • Loving and Serving God: This sending extends an invitation to discipleship that inspires children and their families to practice hospitality, generosity, and love. 

 The Leader’s Material is available in two formats: a printed book and downloadable PDF. 

 Each age-level purchase includes:

  • Weekly leader’s material
  • Reproducible Grace Notes*
  • Weekly Grace Sightings (see p. 9)
  • Stories, Colors & More 
  • Free e-book version (see p. 9)
  • Audio version of the Bible story (available at

 *Grace Notes, included in the Leader’s Material, are black-and-white reproducible pages that provide activities and crafts for the session.

Stories, Colors & More 

All the color resources needed for each session. This essential component of Growing in Grace & Gratitude has three sections:

  • Stories: Colorful illustrations of the Bible stories spark imagination and reveal God’s grace for us. Words of the stories appear on the back, enabling leaders to read each story without flipping pages.
  • Colors: Colorful resources, such as teaching pictures and maps, to use with children.
  • & More: Song lyrics sheets, the Support Map, and other resources. The Support Map provides useful ideas for involving children with disabilities and special needs, offering a safe place of belonging and acceptance to children who may see themselves as different from their peers. It offers practical suggestions for working with children who have difficulty communicating, transitioning, reading, or writing and children who are visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, and in need of mobility support. The Support Map also provides tips for celebrating the strengths of children through leadership, generosity, and fairness. Colorful icons are incorporated into each weekly session of the Leader’s Material, offering ways to adapt activities for children who have special needs or disabilities. 

 Stories, Colors & More is included with the purchase of the Leader’s Material.

Music & Melodies

This lively and kid-friendly CD includes sing-along songs with familiar lyrics, as well as new tunes such as Growing in Grace & Gratitude’s theme song, “We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing.” 

 Music & Melodies is available as a separate purchase. We recommend one CD per age level. “We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing” is available for download on iTunes.

Download a sample of Music & Melodies here.

Grace Sightings 

This online resource includes the story from the week’s session and age-appropriate activities for children to do at home with their parents or caregivers. With Grace Sightings, sessions reach beyond Sunday morning, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God’s grace at home and at school. 

Download a sample of Grace Sightings here.
Click here to download sample (Spanish)



A downloadable, interactive Growing in Grace & Gratitude e-book is available free for iBooks and Kindle. Intended for families to use at home, this e-book shares the same colorful illustrations and Bible stories used in weekly sessions. 


To attend a workshop on Growing in Grace and Gratitude please visit here.
Download the Growing in Grace and Gratitude "Blessed to be a Blessing" theme song here.



For a copy of the Spanish Catalog click here

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