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“Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” —Song 2:13

Presbyterians at work around the world
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Presbyterian World Mission Resources

The following resources will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about God’s mission, mission practices, Presbyterian World Mission, missiology, and mission history.

Mission Crossroads magazineMission Crossroads Magazine
Learn how Presbyterian World Mission ministers in the name of Christ to address the root causes of poverty, share the gospel, and engage in reconciliation among cultures of violence. Read news and features about mission personnel, global partners, and grassroots Presbyterians involved in God’s mission around the world. Subscribe now.

God's Mission Matters Podcasts
Learn how to engage more faithfully and effectively in God’s mission. Hear insights from mission workers and Scripture based on a guiding “tip of the month” for mission involvement. 

When God's People Travel Together
PDS 2435807014
A three-volume set. Volume I is subtitled A Trip Leader's Planning Manual; Volume II is Reflecting and Acting on Mission Trip Experiences and Volume III is Bible Studies for Mission. Save a total of almost $5 by ordering all three companion volumes together. $20    

Faith in Action coverFaith in Action
PDS 7440000022
This book answers a question often posed by mission committees: How can we best allocate our funds and resources toward meeting the critical needs of the world today? Former Presbyterian Church (USA) mission worker Stephen Knisely proposes three biblically grounded "models' of development ministries and asks crucial questions. $15


Interactive Sessions for Faith in Action
PDS 7440000023
A companion and stand-alone resource on Faith in Action (see above), this resource provides session plans for various time frames, from one session to a 7-hour workshop with adults. Each session is highly interactive and participatory, using case studies, personal experience, and simulation to explore crucial questions for meeting the world's needs. $5

Better Together coverBetter Together, Sherron George
PDS 9780664503062
A layperson’s guide to many of the most common questions faced by churches working in mission. This is a wonderful resource for mainline Protestant churches active in mission projects and is perfect for individual or adult study, for training sessions for mission-committed congregants, and for the boards of mission initiators. Contains a study guide. $10.71

Called as Partners in Christ's Service coverCalled as Partners in Christ's Service, Sherron George
PDS 9780664502621
Using a study of the Gospel of John as a framework, Sherron George affirms the theological and historical basis for doing mission in partnership. Set up in eight brief chapters, this book can be used by all Reformed Christians engaged in mission with God and others. This theological and practical tool for all who engage in reinventing partnership in mission for the 21st century is ideal for study groups. $12.60

Two women standing together with arms around each over. Screenshot from the Building Healthy Communities for Christ DVD.Building Healthy Communities for Christ (DVD)
In response to the changing needs of the world and its own diminishing resources, International Health and Development has drafted a strategic plan to make its work on behalf of our partner churches both more intentional and more effective. “Building Healthy Communities” underlies IHD’s activities, as it lives out its mandate to help partner churches respond to the health needs of the poorest of God’s people.

It's a Matter of Faith Congregational Packet
PDS 7433005002
Contains resources to help congregations interpret the PC(USA)’s International AIDS Ministries and to raise awareness about AIDS issues. It includes bulletin inserts, posters, a minute for mission and a resource booklet that can be used for worship, mission committees, adult education classes, and Sunday School classes.

We Believe: Mission Stories for Youth and Adults 2010 coverWe Believe: Mission Stories for Youth and Adults 2010
PDS 664901
This 13-session, downloadable curriculum features a Bible Study prepared by a different Young Adult Volunteer in each session. Leaders will be able to access photos and videos from the YAV's year of service. This curriculum parallels the summer multi-age curriculum: We Believe Mission Stories for Children. $29.95

We Believe: Mission Stories for Children 2010
PDS 664900
This 13-session, downloadable curriculum features a Bible Study prepared by mission personnel in each session. Leaders will be able to access photos and videos from each featured mission site. This curriculum parallels the summer youth and adult curriculum: We Believe Mission Stories for Youth and Adults. $29.95

Around the World in 5 Days: Living as Forgiven Children of God (CD enclosed)
Call (800) 524-2612 to order.
Vacation Bible School Curriculum designed to excite children about World Mission. Children can learn Bible stories that help them understand that God loves and forgives them, hear letters written by people from a variety of mission sites, and sample the customs and cultures of their neighbors in other countries. Limited quantities available. Call for price.

Latin America Brochure
The closest international partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) live in the Central American, Mexican and Caribbean regions. This gives Presbyterians the opportunity to get to know Christian brothers and sisters from the countries represented in the region because of the ease of travel and communication. Hard copy or PDF available; call (800) 72807228, x5103.

Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study 2011 coverMission Yearbook for Prayer & Study
The Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study is a daily devotional with 365 inspiring mission stories that come from next door and all across the globe. It inspires thousands of Presbyterians daily as they uphold the mission of the PC(USA) in intercessory prayer. Start your year off right and order your copy today. 

A History of Presbyterian Missions cover

History of Presbyterian Mission      
PDS 9780664503000
This comprehensive volume features a collection of interpretive essays on the work of missions in the Presbyterian Church for the past 60 years. Reflections from Presbyterian mission leaders, first-hand accounts from missionaries, and an overview of the work in specific mission areas from Latin America to East Asia make this an ideal resource for those involved in Presbyterian missions, scholars, and all those who seek to understand the breadth and depth of Presbyterian missions during this period.

A Guide to Mission Networks
Mission Networks are grassroots organizations affiliated with the PC(USA) that encourage congregational and presbytery mission committees, task groups, and other entities, toward specific mission goals in order to create currents of wider and deeper involvement with a particular part of the world in which the PC(USA) serves, or an issue related to the work of Presbyterian World Mission. Within this booklet, one contact name is listed for each of the mission networks. Temporarily out of print; Learn more about mission networks

Presbyterians Do Mission in Partnership (English)
PDS 7420003001          
Adopted by the 215th General Assembly 2003, "Presbyterians Do Mission in Partnership" is the newest denominational statement about partnership in mission. It replaces the earlier policy adopted by the 212th General Assembly 2000. The updated "Presbyterians Do Mission in Partnership" names and describes five principles of partnership. Also under partnership commitments, it lists several questions that Presbyterians can use to guide us all towards more faithful participation in God's work in the world God loves.

Writing or Renewing a Partnership Covenant Agreement
Tips for writing or renewing a partnership covenant agreement
By Tracey King-Ortega, Anita Taylor Torres and Leslie Clay
CEPAD, Nicaragua

Turn to the Living God: a Call to Evangelism in Jesus Christ's Way (English)
The 203rd General Assembly (1991) gave evangelism continued high emphasis in the life of the church. One of the actions taken by the assembly was the adoption of the document "Turn to the Living God: A Call to Evangelism in Jesus Christ's Way," which articulates our commitment to global evangelization. 

Partnership, Solidarity, and Friendship
Download here
Written by Philip Wicker, former missionary and currently professor of Evangelism and Mission at San Francisco Theological Seminary. It offers a historical sketch of "partnership" developments in the world Christian movement, and it challenges today's church to remake mission structures so that "solidarity in friendship" becomes integral to the 21st century global mission efforts. $2.95

Gathering for God's Future coverGathering for God's Future
PDS 7490003001
Approved by the 215th General Assembly, "Gathering for God's Future" is a renewed call to worldwide mission. It explores the new challenges of the 21st century which will shape the engagement and involvement of Presbyterians in international mission. A must read for middle governing bodies, sessions, mission committees, pastors, educators—anyone involved in mission in the world.

Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth
PDS 2646610001
This statement and study guide was produced by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, a grassroots organization established in 2004 because of a mandate from the PC(USA)’s General Assembly to encourage wider and deeper Presbyterian involvement with Palestinian Christians and advocating for their human rights. The document was written in 2009 by a group of Palestinian Christians who affirm that Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is evil and must be resisted, but with Christian love. As part of its mandate, the Israel/Palestinian Mission Network speaks to the church, not for the church. $2

Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace
PDS 2646611001
A 48-page booklet with a free companion DVD full of fascinating information about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a compelling snapshot of the present situation on the ground, and a guide to the challenges that lie ahead in the quest for peace. It offers an inspiring view of activities being undertaken by Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peacemakers working for justice and reconciliation. $10 each; 10-19 $7; 20 or more $5

Cradle of Our Faith
PDS 2646608001
This is the story of the enduring witness of Christianity in the Middle East—Christians living there who are the "living stones" of the early Church and today. A 20-page full color keepsake that tells the story of Christians in Egypt, Jordan, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq from biblical times to the present in a part of the world where geopolitical developments affect us all. Included inside the booklet are maps, statistics and fascinating facts. 10 or more $1.50 each      

Resolution on Just Globalization: Justice, Ownership, and Accountability coverResolution on Just Globalization: Justice, Ownership, and Accountability
Download here
Globalization and international trade are realities of today's world. In this report, globalization is defined as the process by which people, nations and economies throughout the world become ever more connected and integrated. Although often driven by economics, globalization includes spiritual, cultural, political, and human welfare dimensions. This report and the recommendations are to provide ethical insight for individual Christians and a set of responses for churches and the larger church through its agencies. $4

Hope for a Global Future: Toward Just and Sustainable Human Development coverHope for a Global Future: Toward Just and Sustainable Human Development
PDS OGA96013
This report, adopted by the 208th General Assembly, provides a remarkable understanding of peacemaking and justice issues. Contains the report plus study guide.

Presbyterian World Mission Giving Opportunities
PDS 1912011103
Support Presbyterian mission co-workers who have answered God’s call to international service and work with global partners in more than 50 countries to proclaim Christ’s good news, empower vulnerable people, and work for reconciliation. Your generosity will help transform countless lives around the world.

Around the Moringa Tree: A Bible Study Curriculum      
PDS 2541207022
This resource introduces the amazing Moringa Tree and how it provides nutrition, sustenance and health for so many hungry people in God's world. A DVD is included, featuring Moringa work in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Activities are written for elementary aged children, with intergenerational participation encouraged. This curriculum is presented by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

The following resources are  not available in the Church Store. Please check availability with your favorite book retailer.

When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
ISBN 9780802457059
"When Helping Hurts" combines sound theology, solid research, foundational principles, and proven strategies that prepare you for Christian transformational ministry among the poor, whether in the local community or abroad.

Effective Engagements in Short Term Mission by Robert Priest 
ISBN 0878080058
One of the least researched changes in Christian mission in the modern era has been the massive shift from long-term missionary presence to short-term mission trips. Robert Priest is arguably one of the country's most knowledgeable scholars on the subject. He began serious research on the subject long before most people were asking the critical questions and has brought rigorous research to bear to help strengthen the way many of us engage in short term mission.           

Global Mission Handbook   
ISBN 9780830837175             
Veteran mission professionals Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor offer a practical guide for preparing for intercultural missions. They provide resources for personal spiritual preparation as well as cross-cultural skills and hands-on missionary training. They outline the process for finding actual placement with a sending church, mission agency or organization, with key questions you should be asking along the way.

Teaching Cross-Culturally by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter and Judith E. Lingenfelter
ISBN 0801026202
Teaching Cross-Culturally is a challenging consideration of what it means to be a Christian educator in a culture other than your own. Chapters include discussions about how to uncover cultural biases, how to address intelligence and learning styles, and teaching for biblical transformation. Teaching Cross-Culturally is ideal for the western-trained educator or missionary who plans to work in a non-western setting, as well as for those who teach in an increasingly multicultural North America.

Mission Trips That Matter
ISBN 0835899470
Mission Trips That Matter will inspire and guide groups to reflect on your life together before, during and after your travels. It will also encourage you to model ""Here-as-well-as-there"" Christian practices. Richter provides aids to support the process of embodying Christ's love, including spiritual practices, stories, biblical passages, activity and reflection suggestions for the journey.

Being Ecumenical: A Compendium on Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations
ISBN 7429294903
How do we carry out our church's ecumenical calling, as part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ? How do we relate to other religions? This compendium provides resources for study and action from actions of the General Assembly. $2

Interfaith toolkit logoInterfaith Toolkit      
This kit contains a variety of resources to help as you engage with neighbors of faiths other than your own or prepare to do so. It contains “how to do it” sorts of pieces and examples of what others have done as well as more reflective materials on interfaith relationship as an integral part of being faithful followers of Jesus Christ.


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