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“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Acts 2:4

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Mission worker: Rev. Sarah Henken, regional liaison for the Andean Region, South America

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WCC president for Latin America expresses concern over clashes in Venezuela
Ulloa expressed her hopes that “the wisdom of God would guide the government, the opposition, the youth and the Venezuelan people to sit around the table and find appropriate solutions.”

CLAI calls for end to antidemocratic violence in Venezuela
Venezuela is submerged in waves of orchestrated violence aimed at destabilizing the country. In a February 27 letter to the Churches in Venezuela the General Secretary of the Latin American Council of Churches, CLAI, a member of the ACT Alliance, expresses condemnation of the illegal and anti-democratic intentions of the opposition in Venezuela to bring about regime change using violence.— ACT Alliance/Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC)

Venezuela cardinal asks government to rein in armed groups
Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas said the church is willing to help establish peace in Venezuela, but reminded the government of its duty to rein in armed groups that are violently disrupting peaceful demonstrations.—Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC)

Venezuelan Evangelical Pentecostal Union Calls for Peace
The Venezuelan Evangelical Pentecostal Union (UEPV), its churches, pastors, and bishops, in fellowship with the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ in the United States and Canada, in the name of the God of Peace and Life to whom we pray, believe, demand the immediate cessation of all violence in Venezuela.—Global Ministries: Disciples/UCC

It is time to adopt discourses and actions that are genuinely conciliatory, says the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela
In light of the current socio-political situation in the country, the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela (IPV) at its XXXIV Council, held from February 14-16 in Valles del Tuy, made public a Pastoral Letter to the Venezuelan people, as "a modest contribution to peace and understanding between those of us who live in this land of grace.”—Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC)

Conciliation essential, says Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela
Central Presbytery at its XXXIV Council Feb. 14-16 made public a Pastoral Letter to the Venezuelan people (see below), as “a modest contribution to peace and understanding between those of us who live in this land of grace.”

A Pastoral Letter from the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela
True peace will never be achieved by the moral annihilation of anyone who defies our perception of what ought to be. This would only be a kind of “pax romana.” A peace of victors and vanquished. A false peace, within which will hide a rotting gangrene, eating away at society as a whole. As a church we seek a true and lasting peace. A peace in which we all win.  Peace which is the fruit of justice, of reflection, of honest consensus and without concealed weapons. Therefore, we call on our fellow citizens to avoid sinking into an absurd fratricidal confrontation that benefits no one.

Read Sarah Henken's blog, "Praying with Venezuela"
In an open letter to their compatriots, delegates to Central Presbytery's regularly scheduled assembly drafted a letter that calls on all sides to step up to their unique responsibilities and work for a constructive, peaceful outcome that serves the common good.

Evangelical Council of Venezuela calls for prayer and that the State fulfills its role as guarantor of civil rights 
"In this hour of extraordinary pain for the country, in which mourning once again overcomes Venezuelan homes, the Evangelical Council of Venezuela expresses its solidarity to all and lifts up prayers and supplications to God for the peace of our nation, and especially for the families that have lost a loved one during the protests that took place this past Wednesday February12,” says an official statement made public on February 13.—ALC (Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency)

PERSPECTIVE: Political Violence in Venezuela, a Game With No Clear End
Violence on the streets of Venezuela, with anti-government protests in the capital and 12 other cities, is a sign of hardening stances by both the government and its opponents as President Nicolás Maduro takes a trial-and-error approach to the economy in crisis. Opposition student protests continued over the weekend in Caracas and other cities, while on Saturday some 15,000 pro-government supporters turned out for a peace demonstration called by the president.— Inter Press Service News Agency, IP

PERSPECTIVE: Venezuela – the real significance of the student protests
Despite claims that social media ‘democratises’ the media, it is clear that in Venezuela it has had the opposite effect, exacerbating the trend towards disinformation and misrepresentation, with overseas media groups and bloggers reproducing – without verification – opposition claims and images of student injuries allegedly caused by police brutality and attacks by government supporters.— Upside Down World/ALC

Latest Human Rights Watch Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela
In the six pages that HRW dedicates to Venezuela in its World Report 2014, it manages to tell at least 30 serious lies, distortions, and omissions. Pointing out these lies is important, because many people believe that HRW is a neutral authority on human rights, and the mainstream press publish articles and headlines based on HRW report conclusions.—Upside Down World/ALC

Maracay church committed to HIV/AIDS ministry
Watch a video of a conversation among Venezuelan Christians who are part of an accompaniment ministry through Vida y Esperanza (Life and Hope) in Maracay.

Statement of common witness — CLAI, NCC, CWS

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) supports Christian witness in Venezuela through our partner church whose history began in 1896 with the founding of its first church and school in Caracas. Now, after years of conflict and division, our partner church holds unity within the body of Presbyterians as a high priority. Evangelism and church renewal have become principal foci.

PC(USA) mission personnel join in the efforts of theological training and liturgical renewal. Venezuelan Presbyterians are creatively and enthusiastically enriching worship within their church, and as a result are enhancing worship in other Latin American countries.

Read a brief history of Venezuela.

Presbytery and synod partnerships

Presbytery of Lake Erie
Puerto Rico Synod

Learn more about Venezuala

Visit the BBC country profile.

See the 2015 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 58

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