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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon

September 3, 2012

Dear partners in the service of Christ,

On behalf of the National Presbyterian Synod of Syria and Lebanon, I greet you and wish you every blessing from God.

I would like to express deep gratitude to all of you who prayed for and supported us along the years. You all have been to us brothers and sisters in the real sense for which we praise God.

Friends, it is now over a year and a half that we have been deeply disturbed by the sad events in Syria—events so tragic as never before, where life is interrupted on every level.

The intensity of violence, the huge number of the innocent people killed, the distraction in the major cities where our churches lived and served in peace for centuries, stepped beyond description or even imagination.

Indeed some of our churches still unable to meet regularly for worship like our church in Homs which has been partly hit. Yet some of its members of those who had no place to go and stayed in some parts of the city go and worship in the church home for the elderly whenever possible. The churches in Edleb, Damascus, and Aleppo, and other places are interrupted partly or totally.

Naturally, no Christian community can escape the fate of the communities among which they live, thus all share in the suffering and the struggle for life, and all sense the loss of the basic conditions for normal life.

It is guessed that the refugees in neighboring countries number some two million, yet so many families in towns and villages host other displaced families of those lost homes—all try to live with limited resources and unlimited pain.

We, as a church, and in cooperation with other churches, are trying to do what is possible with very limited resources which makes it hard to reach all want and need to reach.

Friends, beyond the tragic situation from a human and economic points of views around the country, the Christians in particular are deeply concerned about their presence.

Indeed some churches have been purposely hit and totally destroyed, some Christians have been directly threatened, and the stories of acts of crime make one sick to the stomach.

Indeed, while all of us request reform, freedom of speech, equal opportunities, and social justice. Now we all cry for peace, peace, peace and security for now and a normal future for our children that make them want to stay at home in Syria.

Friends, we appeal to you to continue to pray for us and with us for God's peace and God's righteousness to prevail in Syria.

We appeal to all those who are able to help a peaceful solution—no more killing and no more more destruction!!

Pray for us to have hope and to be able to help our people have hope

In Christ,

The Rev. Fadi Dagher
General Secretary of the Synod


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