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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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Archived news from Haiti

Cholera sickens 450,000 - November 27, 2011
Disease could become leading cause of death among Haitian children. Read the latest.

High hope for jobs - November 27, 2011
New industrial park may mean work for 20,000 Haitians. Read the story.

Faith and food: a worldwide blessing - November 23, 2011
Read how the Presbyterian Hunger Program is working to help Haiti's farmers.

Farmers keep pushing forward - November 4, 2011
Haitian agriculture is leading recovery. Read their story and see how Presbyterians are walking side by side with farmers in Haiti.

Earthquakes: biggest health toll for disasters - November 4, 2011
Children are at the highest risk; Haiti quake cited.

Haitian coffee makes a comeback - November 1, 2011
It's the "black gold" of Haiti. Read why coffee creole is hot again.

Cholera in Haiti - October 21, 2011
WHO predicts cases will top 500,000 by year end. Read more

World Food Day in Haiti - October 15, 2011
Cooperatives in Haiti provide dependable food supply. Read how and why they work.

Celebrating Rights of the Child - October 9, 2011
Despite recent challenges, Haitians took time out to celebrate a special day for children. Read why it was so important.

Housing Plan for 30,000 Haitians - October 6, 2011
Haiti's President focuses on housing for Port-au-Prince residents. Read the story.

High School Students Help Haitians from Afar - September 28, 2011

Students use their skills to help Haitian orphans. Read their story.

Presbyterians Helping Haitian Children - September 21, 2011
Members of a Washington state congregation are heading to Haiti. Read about their mission work.

Haiti: After the Quake - September 19, 2011
One news correspondent shares his year-long experience in Haiti. Watch his story.

Hurricane Irene's Effect in Haiti - August 31, 2011
Two killed in storm and destruction left in path. Read the latest

Training and Construction - August 30, 2011
Clinton, Bush give $1.4 million to project. Read more

Keeping an Eye on Irene - August 23, 2011
A hurricane warning is in effect for the coast of Haiti. Read the latest

First 100 Days - August 23, 2011
A look at President Martelly's work and challenges in his first 100 days. Read more

Cholera surges in Haiti's Central Plateau - July 10, 2011
The number of new cases jumped to 1,700 a day in mid-June. But, despite the increase in cases, doctors are seeing fewer deaths in comparison to 2010's numbers. Learn more

Haiti housing project - June 16, 2011
Find out how reconstruction could be bringing new industry and jobs to Haiti. Read more

United States, Columbia and Canada send doctors to Haiti - June 9, 2011
"Being open minded to people's problems because you never know what they're going through until you're in their shoes."  Watch the story


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