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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Gifts will help Across with relief projects in Southern Sudan in areas ravaged by civil wars; also, those displaced by the wars and provide project leadership in the areas of water, agriculture, cattle raising, food, and community health.

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Anuak Bible Translation (EECMY)

The Anuak Bible Translation work has pushed forward but still has some of the longer Old Testament books to translate, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. The Anuak church in Ethiopia is growing and the demand for scripture has increased. God has provided a well-qualified translation team. Your gift will help complete the translation of the Bible for a growing group of Christians among a largely unreached people group that extends into neighboring Sudan.

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Disaster Relief-Darfur, Sudan

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant response for families affected by the crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is participating in the Darfur response as a member of an international alliance of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox aid organizations from the United States, Europe and Sudan - ACT-Caritas.

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FM: Bible Translation For Unreached People Groups

Join a new effort to provide translations of the Bible for people who do not have a viable church presence in their culture. Your gifts can help bring God's word to people who have never had it in their own language at an annual cost of $4,000-$6,000.

(FM = Frontier Mission)

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Giffen Bible School, PCOSS

The Giffen Bible School is a training center for pastors and evangelists who serve the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan concentrates it evangelism efforts largely in Upper Nile and Jonglei Provinces. The school also has a program of theological education by extension. Funds will help support this school and allow it to educate and prepare more pastors for the church.

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Health Work, Presbyterian Church In South Sudan

Ravaged by years of war, communities in Southern Sudan lack many of the basic necessities for survival. Church partners are struggling to rebuild the infrastructure of the region and restore health services. Meanwhile people suffer in a vicious cycle of poverty and disease. Flare-ups of violence cause further harm and injury. Gifts to this account will rebuild health facilities, provide supplies and medicines, and train health care workers.

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Lois Anderson Memorial Education Scholarships

This project provides scholarship money for students in Kenya and Sudan, in memory of Lois Anderson, former missionary to Africa.

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Nile Theological College (Khartoum)

The Christian churches of Sudan continue to grow and flourish even in the face of the difficulties and the establishment of a new country, South Sudan. Through joint efforts of the Presbyterian and Evangelical churches, a school for the ministry has been organized in Khartoum, Sudan with a curriculum in Arabic, and another in Malakal, South Sudan, with an English curriculum. Your gifts will be used to strengthen these programs. Gifts to this project may also assist with necessary related project expenses that are essential to the successful completion of this project, such as mission personnel, travel and administrative support.

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Nile Theological College (Malakal) South Sudan

The Christian churches of Sudan continue to grow and flourish even in the face of the difficulties of surviving in a land torn by war and hostility. Through joint efforts of the Presbyterian and Evangelical churches, a school for the ministry organized in Khartoum. Following Independence of South Sudan, a new branch of NTC was opened in Malakal. Due to continuing conflict the NTC Malakal campus is now independent of Khartoum. Your gifts will be used to strengthen the Malakal program. Gifts to this project may also assist with necessary related project expenses that are essential to the successful completion ...

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Presbyterian Church Of South Sudan (PCOSS), General Support

The rapidly growing Presbyterian Church in South Sudan needs your support to maintain its traditional ministries of evangelism, Christian education, health, education and development in the Upper Nile while creating new ministries for its members and other displaced people.

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Presbyterian Church Of South Sudan-Women's Work

The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan Women's Work fund is used by the women to help support their many projects. The funds are mainly used to help with their literacy, prison ministry and leadership development programs.

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Presbyterian Relief & Development Agency

The Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan serves the people of southern Sudan to bring opportunities for development help in farming, fishing and other self-help enterprises. It also provides short term relief responses though Sudan has been a long term relief crisis.

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Resource Center for Civil Leadership (RECONCILE)

RECONCILE was established in March 2004 and is related to the Sudan Council of Churches. These Sudanese churches aim to help victims recover from the trauma associated with the 25-year civil war in Sudan. They also help to lead a process of reconciliation that will unite not only the Christians in south Sudan but other faith groups as well.

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South Sudan Council Of Churches

Provide ongoing support for the SSCC's ministries in the new Republic of South Sudan as the Council attempts to encourage and strengthen through ecumenical cooperation ministry to communities that continue to experience the violence of ethnic hostility, have not recovered economically from the civil war, and who seek to build their lives with a new hope. Priority concerns are leader training, Internally Displaced People relief, community health, development and peacemaking.

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Sudan Advocacy, Education

Resource materials, important events and meetings to increase awareness and involvement in Sudan are all supported through this fund.

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Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, General Support

General support for work within the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church.

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Theology Lecturer, Nile Theological College

The Nile Theological College is an ecumenical theological institution serving the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church and others. It seeks to provide high quality training and education in both English and Arabic for the churches in Sudan - principally in the north. The mission worker will teach a range of theological subjects to students of pastoral ministry. The position is being filled by the Rev. Debbie Blane.

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Water For All

Without clean water, good health is impossible. In many parts of the world people suffer chronic and life-threatening illness and children die needlessly for lack of accessible clean water. Funds for this program provide technical assistance, equipment and training to develop sources of clean water in needy communities.

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