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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Presbyterian Hunger Program
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Hunger Fund

Your financial support enables the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) to witness to the healing love of Christ and to bring hope to communities and individuals struggling with hunger. Your gifts to the Presbyterian Hunger Fund help to end hunger worldwide.

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Before the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010, Haiti was already plagued as chronically food deficient, importing more than 60 percent of the food needed to feed its population. The 2010 earthquake has intensified the poverty and hunger there. The environment is so deteriorated that drastic measures must be taken to sustain the country's population. Gifts to this account will help fund long-term recovery activities in Haiti including small sustainable agricultural initiatives and small business development.

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Hunger & Human Development in the USA

Hunger and poverty are persistent and growing realities in the US. In the midst of great wealth, children go to bed hungry, elderly people subsist on meager diets and the working poor are unable to make a living adequate to provide sufficient food for their families. The Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) approves grants to projects addressing hunger and poverty in the US. These grants enable church and community groups to provide direct food relief and address the underlying causes of hunger. Your gifts will make it possible to reach out to more hungry children, homeless families and communities working to ...

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Hunger & Human Development In Africa

Africa is torn by various man-made calamities that make its population more vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters. Civil war, political oppression, governmental corruption and mismanagement, collapse of government-managed health care and educational systems and the low return on the world market for African cash crops and raw materials all contribute to a catastrophic decrease in the quality of life for the majority of the people. Local populations are mobilizing through churches, non-governmental and grassroots organizations in order to try to help themselves. Funds are needed to support programs organized in the areas of agriculture, water development, reforestation, primary ...

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Global Food Crisis

Gifts will support hunger relief and poverty reduction initiatives related to the Global Food Crisis. Priority is given to integrated development and community empowerment projects throughout the world, including agricultural training and programs to increase local and regional food self-sufficiency and community prosperity.

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Small Farmer Fund

As part of the Presbyterian Coffee Project, the Small Farmer Fund is one way that the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Equal Exchange and PC(USA) congregations work together to support small farmer projects in coffee growing regions around the world. For each pound of fairly traded products that Presbyterians purchase through the Presbyterian Coffee Project, Equal Exchange donates 15 cents to the Small Farmer Fund, which is administered by the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Congregations and individuals are invited make their own contributions to the fund as a way of supporting the farmers and their communities.

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Water is Life

Water is Life is a worldwide campaign to preserve the Right of access to clean water for all of God's Creation. It promotes global education about the importance of clean water and the need to preserve it, anti-pollution measures to protect our lakes, rivers, and underground water from contamination by agricultural and mineral toxic bi-products, anti-privatization policies and practices that commodity this essential God's Gift, and threaten to deprive access of poor people to water, and all other threats to the right of all living beings to water.

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Rosellyn Calvert started the concept of putting 2 cents each meal in a bowl for the hungry not at the table. Presbyterian Women and congregations have taken this up and some groups do nickels or dimes per meal. Often 50% is used by the local congregation or presbytery and 50% is sent to the Presbyterian Hunger Program to be divided between national and international projects.

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Gifts to CROP support the global anti-hunger work of Church World Service, which resources CROP Hunger Walks around the United States.

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OGHS Hunger General

Contributions to OGHS designated specifically for the Presbyterian Hunger Program to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.

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Domestic Hunger Relief

Gifts will provide emergency and ongoing food relief to hungry people in the United States with priority given to programs also attempting to address the root causes of hunger.

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Domestic Development Assistance

Gifts will support hunger-related development assistance programs and projects within the Christian mission and service program of our church and society. Priority is given to effective programs that combat hunger through integrated development and empowerment of people in the United States, in such areas as local food economies, community organizing, low-income housing development, job training and creation, nutrition education, and living wage campaigns.

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International Development Assistance

Gifts will support hunger-related development assistance programs and projects within the Christian mission and service program of our church and the church at large. We shall encourage those programs that combat hunger through integrated development and empowerment of people throughout the world, in such areas as agricultural training, community organization, economic development, nutrition education, public health, and family planning.

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Hunger & Human Development In The Middle East

Children and their families throughout the Middle East continue to suffer from hunger and poverty brought about by social disruption, political oppression, economic inequities and natural disasters. Church groups and community organizations are mobilized to address these problems. They need financial assistance to support agricultural and economic development, education and nutritional enhancement, training and technical assistance for poor people in rural and urban areas.

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Bread Of Life

Bread of Life is an initiative to support the feeding programs of partner churches around the world. In a general context of deteriorating economic circumstances, increasing poverty and hunger, partner churches overseas are challenged to respond to the immediate crisis with direct food relief in the form of church and school canteens, "people's restaurants," meals on wheels for shut-ins and the distribution of food for home preparation. Such programs often form the core of the churches' outreach.

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Moringa Oleifera Tree Program

The Presbyterian Hunger Program is involved in a broad campaign to promote the planting and use of Moringa Oleifera trees in various countries whose population suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Clinical trials have demonstrated great potential for Moringa Oleifera ground leaves and pods as a food supplement against malnutrition and as an affordable answer to protein and vitamin deficiencies in small children and nursing mothers. Numerous projects including tree planting, publication of educational material, culinary preparations and nutrition training seminars have been implemented in Senegal, Gambia, the D. R. of Congo and Haiti, among others. Support for this fund will ...

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Peasant Movement Papaye/Agriculture

MPP Road to Life/Moringa Project in Haiti. Gifts to this account assist an integrated agricultural development project including moringa tree planting, vegetable production and animal husbandry. Mark Hare is involved with running this project.

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Lambi Fund Development Projects, Haiti

The Lambi Fund of Haiti supports small scale economic development activities that give poor Haitians more control over their lives and resources. Projects, including the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products are designed to become financially self sustaining.

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AMANECER, Bolivia Street Child

This long standing activity in Cochabamba, Bolivia, addresses the multiple needs of street children in that city with food, basic health care, education and housing. Children also receive vocational training to enable them to reintegrate the mainstream labor force and earn an honest living.

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Support for La Oroya Children in Peru

To respond to contaminated children's needs for treatment and prevention in La Oroya.

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African Hunger

Gifts to this account will enable the Presbyterian Hunger Program to respond to requests from African partner churches and from secular groups that seek support for their community activities dealing with food security/sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, food processing and marketing and small income generating activities involving women.

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Hunger In Sudan

South Sudan is blessed with abundant agricultural resources as well as with oil, gold and other minerals. Unfortunately with chronic instability and civil war the population of South Sudan is one of the most impoverished and food deprived in the world. Contributions to this account will enable the Presbyterian Hunger Program to respond to requests from our church and other institutional partners in South Sudan to support their hunger alleviation efforts.

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Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza/Palestine

Atfaluna is an Arabic word meaning "our children." Most children coming to Atfaluna are from families living far below the poverty line. Atfaluna responds to the needs of deaf children in Gaza through deaf education, audiology, speech therapy, income generating activities for the deaf, vocational training and community training and awareness programs.

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Joining Hands Against Hunger

Through Joining Hands Against Hunger, PC(USA) congregations will develop meaningful relationships with overseas partners involved in addressing root causes of hunger in their countries. PC(USA) presbyteries in the US will work with national networks of churches and grassroots organizations overseas to address hunger through comprehensive and coordinated activities. Participating PC(USA) congregations and their overseas partners will be trained in joint hunger initiatives focused on mutual respect and justice concerns. Through their participation in Joining Hands, Presbyterian will have opportunities to pray and to be in active solidarity with suffering and struggling communities overseas. In so doing they ...

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Cameroon-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in Cameroon focused on environmental degradation caused by oil pipeline and extractive industries, corruption, human rights and food security/sovereignty.

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India-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in South India focused on rights of marginalized outcast groups, especially women, the right to earn a livelihood for traditional artisans, fisherfolks and peasants.

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Peru-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in Peru focused on environmental concerns around water, mining pollution, especially in La Oroya, rehabilitation of children affected by lead poisoning, trade justice and human rights.

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Food Sovereignty Program, Cameroon

In northern villages of Cameroon recurrent droughts create cyclic food scarcity that threaten local populations. In response, RELUFA member organizations from that region have undertaken a campaign to secure food during the harvest times to store and sell during the lean period. In doing so they also protect local populations against traders who hoard and speculate on the commodities and aggravate the food crisis in the region. Donations to this account are sent to RELUFA to enable it to buy more food for existing granaries or to open new village granaries.

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