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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

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Instructor, Theology & Evangelism, Thailand

Rev. Leith Fujii is an instructor in theology and evangelism at the Bangkok Institute of Theology (BIT). He also teaches English and assists with a program for lay theological training for the Church of Christ in Thailand. Carol Fujii provides ministry from the home and teaches English to the entering class at BIT. Leith and Carol also are involved in outreach ministries with Thai congregations.

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Lamp Of Thailand Program

This ministry of the Church in Thailand has a wonderful correspondence course program for children as well as adults. Gifts help extend this ministry.

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McGilvary College of Divinity, Payap University, Thailand

McGilvary College of Divinity was founded in 1888. The College is a department of Payap University. General support is needed to improve the buildings, classrooms, and technology. Gifts are also needed for academic enhancement in areas of library resources, web presence, field education, and producing research and teaching materials.

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McKean Rehabilitation Center, Thailand

McKean is a Christian rehabilitation center providing medical, surgical, spiritual, and socioeconomic ministry for people affected by leprosy. In Thailand, thankfully, the numbers of new leprosy cases is now decreasing. McKean has expanded its vision to integrate other disabled people in its hospital-based and community-based rehabilitation ministry, bringing new hope and quality of life to many.

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Orphanage at Prachakittisuk Church, Thailand

The Church of Christ in Thailand founded the orphanage at Prachakittisuk in 2003 as a ministry to the community where many people have died from HIV/AIDS. The orphanage has children between ages 6 and 13 orphaned by AIDS. The orphanage provides shelter, food, medicine, clothing and scholarships. Currently there are seminary interns and one widow who work full-time at the orphanage supplemented by volunteer help from church members. The church helps other orphaned children in the community by providing scholarships, and it is also faced with the requirement of the Thai government to house the boys and the girls ...

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Refugee Ministry Among Burmese, Thailand

This position is being filled by Amy Davisson Galetzka, who assists with programs that facilitate ethnic unity and reconciliation among and between the ethnic peoples of Burma.

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Scripture Fund

Contributions will be used in cooperation with various Bible societies to translate and distribute Scriptures around the world. Recent projects have included distribution in the former Soviet republics in Central Asia, Cambodia, Thailand and among Iranians and Kurds around the world.

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Student Scholarship Fund, McGilvary College of Divinity, Payap University, Thailand

Scholarship aid and help with living expenses are needed for theological students. The university is expanding its outreach to sister churches in Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Vietnam and scholarship funds make leadership development in these countries possible. There are approximately 100 students, and tuition and room and board cost about $3000 per year.

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Vice President For Spiritual and Community Life, Payap University

This project funds the sending and support costs for the vice president for spiritual and community life at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Rev. Dr. Esther Wakeman fills this position. Payap was founded in 1974 as the first Christian college in Thailand, and it is now a university with about 6,000 students and 850 faculty and staff. About 10 percent of the students and 30 percent of the faculty and staff are Christian. In her role Esther also oversees the Christian Communications Institute (CCI), which uses traditional and modern dramatic and musical arts to present the gospel in ...

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