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“You are being rooted and grounded in love.” —Eph. 3:17

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Donate to Pakistan

Christian Training Institute, Christian Boys School & Hostel, Sialkot, Pakistan

To work towards development into a first-rate institution as it was before nationalization. Funds are needed for scholarship programs for needy students, computers, library improvements, repairs and equipment for rundown buildings, rebuilding of the boarding house infrastructure and the setting up of new courses.

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Forman Christian College Advance Fund, Lahore, Pakistan

In Pakistan, Forman Christian College is at the forefront of educating young men and women - both Christian and Muslim - for positions of leadership and moral governance with the distinct influence of the gospel on all of campus life. After being returned from 30 years of government administration in 2003, the college has made spectacular improvements to once again becoming a model institution of higher education. Forman is not just another small college. Since its beginning in 1864, it has produced many leaders in government, the military and business for both India and Pakistan. Your gift to the Forman Advance Fund ...

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Forman Christian College Campus Renovation, Lahore, Pakistan

Forman Christian College, founded in 1864 by Presbyterian mission worker Charles Forman, has had an extraordinary mission in Pakistan. It has educated thousands of students, and many of Pakistan's leaders are graduates. Government administration for 30 years left the campus with a list of much needed infrastructure improvements. Since 2003, when the college was returned to the church, many capital projects have been successfully completed, such as a new business school and science block addition. Other projects include a new women's dormitory and an information commons to improve the students' access to technology. Much more remains to be ...

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Gujranwala Theological Seminary, Pakistan

Funds are needed for maintenance and ongoing operational costs for this seminary, established on its present site in 1912. It is the primary institution in Pakistan for the training of Protestant church leaders.

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Gujranwala, SCD Education Projects, Pakistan

The aim of the Society for Community Development is to provide the opportunity for literacy and vocational education for disadvantaged Christian children living within a Muslim culture in the Punjab and surrounding provinces. Pakistan has a literacy rate of about 26 percent, and less than half of primary-aged children are in school. Funds are needed to address this situation.

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Kinnaird Academy, Lahore, Pakistan

This school for girls witnesses to the founder's faith in children's potential, a dramatic statement in the Muslim country of Pakistan where fewer than three percent are Christian and the literacy rate for girls is less than 20 percent.

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Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan

This ECO account is designated to provide 30 Tuition and 30 Residential Scholarships to needy students at Kinnaird College for Women. These students often come from backgrounds where the monthly household income is as low as $100 a month. Without financial support these women would not be able to complete their higher education. Some of these women come from far-flung areas of Pakistan. Kinnaird maintains a secure campus so these women can reside safely in its hostels. By giving toward scholarships for Kinnaird College for Women, you are impacting Pakistan, which needs strong educated women who can hold up the ...

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Memorial Christian Hospital, Sialkot, Pakistan

Memorial Christian Hospital is a 300-bed facility, providing a full range of health services and specialized care in obstetrics and gynecology. The hospital supports a highly-respected nursing school, and extensive educational programs in infant health, hygiene and sanitation and rural health care.

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Nirali Kitaben, Pakistan

Established in 1972 to publish books for the poor in Pakistan, Nirali Kitaben helps to alleviate illiteracy. It publishes adult primers and Christian education materials. Funds are needed to support these programs, teaching aids and videocassettes that supplement the training.

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Presbyterian Church Of Pakistan, Literacy Program, Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Sixty percent of the population is illiterate. The literacy rate in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is even lower, only eight percent in urban communities and five percent in rural areas. This program seeks to provide literacy for all members.

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Presbyterian Church at Pakistan, Pastors Pension Plan

No benefits plan existed prior to January 1, 1990, and the only pension for pastors has been very small from other sources. Pastors now refuse to retire, regardless of age, or to leave a manse, with no pension or place to live. A minimum pension of $60 per month can be increased significantly and gradually by new contributions added to the principal of the Benefits Fund.

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Presbyterian Education Board, School Refurbishing, Pakistan

With the return of 10 Presbyterian schools, which the Pakistani government had taken over in 1972, the Presbyterian Education Board has assumed the responsibility of providing leadership for the staff and students and of starting the daunting task of getting both the buildings and academic programs back to a standard of excellence. During the years the government had control of the schools, buildings deteriorated to the point where many classes are held outside because the buildings are unsafe. The need is great not only for restoration of buildings but also for the restoration of academic programs. Gifts to this project ...

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Society For Community Development Perpetual Scholarships, Pakistan

Where do village children go when they complete fifth class? To complement the work of 3 girls' boarding schools, the Society for Community Development started a boys' boarding school. The school is largely financed by an individual scholarship scheme named for or by the donor, requiring $500 per scholarship. This scholarship yields enough income so that 20% of it can return to the capital to keep it growing.

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Society For Community Development Village School & Programs, Pakistan

This program, started by villagers several years ago, educates students through a network of 36 schools. Funds are needed for scholarships, new dormitories, an evening training institute, a computer school and an institute to teach construction and vocational skills.

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Taxila Christian Hospital, Pakistan

Taxila Christian Hospital is a general hospital with a specialized ministry in eye care that has made Taxila the largest eye service hospital in the world. The hospital also supports a community health program that includes mother and baby care and women's literacy classes. Gifts to Taxila are used for training, equipment and to pay the cost of eye surgery and other medical care for poor patients.

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