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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Donate to Malawi

AIDS Crisis Overseas

Gifts support church and community-based programs that address poverty, behavior and other root causes of AIDS transmission. Programs include skills training, education, income-generating activities and Biblically based behavior formation and change. A particular focus is women and families.

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CCAP-Blantyre Synod, General Support

General support for work within the CCAP-Blantyre Synod.

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Children Of East & Southern Africa

We are called to support the various efforts of our partners in Africa as they engage in ministering to children in need. Programs reach out to orphans and vulnerable children through initiatives that include education and skills building.

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Education Projects, Malawi

Donations to the ECO support the education needs of our partners in Malawi.

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Ekwendeni Hospital, Malawi

Located in northern Malawi, Ekwendeni has grown over its 100+-year history into a general hospital with a TB ward, a well baby and outpatient clinic and maternity and pediatrics units. Ophthalmologic and dental surgery and an orthopedic center are also available. The hospital provides a nutritional rehabilitation center for malnourished children and mobile clinics for children under five and pregnant women. A nursing school has trained students for over 50 years.

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Embangweni Hospital, Malawi

Embangweni hospital serves a rural population in northern Malawi, near the Zambian border. Established in the early 1900's, the hospital's services have expanded and modernized to include pediatrics, male and female general care, surgery and caesarian section deliveries. The Primary Health Care Department includes malaria, TB, AIDS control programs and a Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit for malnourished children and their mothers. An extensive outreach program coordinates remote health centers and mobile clinics.

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Marion Medical Mission (Shallow Wells)

Perhaps the most broadly impacting challenge facing Africa today is the need for safe, accessible and adequate supplies of water. Water is a key to good health, economic development, community stability and peace among neighbors.

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Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi

One of five historic Presbyterian mission hospitals in Malawi, Mulanje has grown from a maternity hospital to a 200-bed general hospital with a men's ward, a pediatric unit and an outpatient department. The hospital complex also includes a nursing school. It is well known as a women's health center, and women travel from great distances to southern Malawi to seek life-changing fistula repair surgery as well as cervical cancer screening and treatment.

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Nkhoma Hospital, Malawi

Nkhoma Hospital, located near Malawi's capital, provides general medicine, surgery, including fistula repair procedures, pediatrics, maternity, ophthalmology and a TB unit. Mobile clinics for children under five and pregnant women are offered. A Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit has served malnourished children for over 20 years.

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Protected Water & Buildings Coordinator/Public Health Coordinator, Malawi

Jim and Jodi McGill have been under appointment as mission co-workers since 1995. Their most recent assignment began in 2000 in Mzuzu, Malawi, where the average life expectancy is only 35 years. Their work through the Synod of Livingstonia of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian is focused in health care and clean water and sanitation work. Jim serves as coordinator of protected water and buildings coordinator. Jodi serves as coordinator for primary health care and has also taken on the work of interim coordinator for the AIDS department. The McGills are the parents of six children, twins Jason and ...

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Regional Liaison For East Central Africa

The Regional Liaison for East Central Africa serves as a facilitator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) support for partner programs, relationships and activities and as a implementer of regional strategies in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia. This position is currently filled by Nancy Collins.

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Relief & Development Project, Malawi

The Christian Council of Malawi is presently engaged in relief and development projects throughout the country. Malawi has had a major influx of refugees from the ongoing civil strife in Mozambique. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees depends highly on the work of the Council in providing shelter, healthcare and food for these people.

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Self-Help Projects, Southern & East Africa

Our partner churches in Africa are involved in a variety of ministries to help unemployed, homeless and physically challenged people. Your gift will enable them to provide material assistance, comfort, self-help counseling and hope.

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Water For All

Without clean water, good health is impossible. In many parts of the world people suffer chronic and life-threatening illness and children die needlessly for lack of accessible clean water. Funds for this program provide technical assistance, equipment and training to develop sources of clean water in needy communities.

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