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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Donate to Haiti

Agricultural Technician, Haiti

This project funds the sending and support costs of a mission worker to work the Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP), or Farmer's Movement of Papaye in Haiti. The mission worker acts as an international presence of solidarity with landless and small farmers in rural Haiti and accompanies MPP in its efforts to organize rural communities nationally in their struggles for survival in the midst of increasing poverty and environmental degradation. Mark Hare is currently called to this position. He is accompanied by his wife, Jenny Bent, who works with the health ministries of the Evangelical Dominican Church in the Dominican ...

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Disaster Relief-Haiti

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is accepting funds to enable a significant response for relief and recovery efforts related to the disaster response in Haiti. Funds received into this account will supplement the initial One Great Hour of Sharing disbursement to provide for immediate assistance and the long-term recovery.

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Before the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010, Haiti was already plagued as chronically food deficient, importing more than 60 percent of the food needed to feed its population. The 2010 earthquake has intensified the poverty and hunger there. The environment is so deteriorated that drastic measures must be taken to sustain the country's population. Gifts to this account will help fund long-term recovery activities in Haiti including small sustainable agricultural initiatives and small business development.

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Haiti Northern District Agricultural School

This two-year agricultural training program at St. Barnabas School teaches soil management, irrigation, use of better seeds, use of appropriate fertilizers and animal husbandry to students near Cap Haitian at Terrier Rouge.

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Hospital St. Croix, Haiti

Hospital St. Croix is located in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake that destroyed much of the city and nearby Port au Prince in January, 2010. Repairs have been made to the one wing of the hospital that sustained relatively minor damage. A long-term effort is underway to rebuild Hopital St. Croix and restore its capacity to provide essential services to the people of Leogane. Gifts to this account will support the comprehensive restoration of this important institution.

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La Gonave Community Health, Haiti

Located on an island 45 miles off the coast of Haiti, La Gonave was spared the devastating damage of the 2010 earthquake that struck the mainland. The La Gonave Community Health Program provides care at a health center and through village health workers who offer basic healthcare, nutritional education and immunizations. Midwife services are also available in the rural communities.

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Peasant Movement Papaye/Agriculture

MPP Road to Life/Moringa Project in Haiti. Gifts to this account assist an integrated agricultural development project including moringa tree planting, vegetable production and animal husbandry. Mark Hare is involved with running this project.

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St. Vincent School For Handicapped, Haiti

St. Vincent, in the Haitian capital of Port au Prince, was virtually destroyed by the January, 2010 earthquake. St. Vincent's had been a day and boarding school for over 400 blind, deaf and/or physically handicapped children. Physical and occupational therapy, a medical clinic and surgical services had been available on-site. Now St. Vincent's faces the daunting task of rebuilding. Gifts to this account will help restore this vital ministry for handicapped youngsters.

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Vocational School, Cap Haitian, Haiti

The Episcopal Vocational School in Cap Haitian begins at the primary level and goes through secondary. The vocational component is an important element in the lives of young Haitians as they develop skills that will allow them to seek employment. This project will offer scholarships for students as well as purchase materials such as computers for the school.

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