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“So they went with the guard and made the tomb secure by sealing the stone.” Matt. 27:66

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Donate to Guatemala

Disaster Relief--Central America

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant response for relief and disasters in Central America. Your faithful giving is deeply appreciated.

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Extending Theological Training & Reflection, CEDEPCA

This program provides workshops, small seminars and pastoral training in Biblical and theological reflection throughout Central America. The object is to equip Christians to speak and act pastorally in the region's complex social, political and religious realities.

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Theological Scholarship Aid For Guatemalan Women

A number of women in the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala would like to study Theology, but most everyone needs some scholarship assistance to do so. This fund will provide such assistance to women from the 17 Presbytery women groups of this church to begin, or in some cases, to continue their studies. The hope is that through their theological studies the women will be better prepared to serve as teachers, pastors and leaders within their churches and Presbytery women groups.

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Translation Of The Old Testament Into Mam Language

The Mam Presbytery of the National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala is seeking to translate the Old Testament into the Ostuncalco Mam language. A rough draft of much of the Old Testament has already been prepared, but it is only the beginning of the process. Funds will help complete this translation.

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Facilitator for Women Leadership Development, Guatemala

The Facilitator for Women Leadership Development facilitates leadership development and Christian education, as well as act as an advisor to the Women's Synod Union, the Presbyterian women of Guatemala organization, part of the Evangelical National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala. Founded in 1882, the Evangelical National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENPG) was the first national church to result from Presbyterian mission efforts in Central America. Today the IENPG has approximately 60,000 members, with one Synod composed of six Spanish-speaking and eleven indigenous-language presbyteries.

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Professor Of Church History, Mission, & Religion, Guatemala

Dr. Karla Koll serves in Guatemala as professor of history, mission, and religions for the Latin American Biblical University (UBL), an interdenominational institution located in San Jose, Costa Rica, which has been training Latin American church leaders for over 80 years. In Guatemala, the UBL works through the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA). Karla writes, "Theological education is about encouraging people to think deeply about their faith in Christ and its implications for life in the world. I'm very grateful to be part of 'equipping the saints for the work of ministry' in Latin America."

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Education Consultant For The Walton Program, Guatemala

Having served in various capacities as missionaries in Guatemala since 2002, Roger and Gloria Marriott have returned to Cobán to work with the Kekchis. Their aim is to help the indigenous Kekchi presbyteries improve the quality of their educational programs. They speak of the slow and sometimes frustrating process of waiting on God's timing to bring about change: "That must be what it means to be in partnership, recognizing that any help extended is only fleeting at best but that it must be given as a sign of our understanding of what it means to be the incarnation of ...

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Mission Initiative, YAV Site & Delegation Coordinator, Guatemala

Marcia Towers is filling this position as site coordinator for the Young Adult Volunteer program, working with the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala to place volunteers in Guatemalan church communities. She also hosts delegations and mission teams that travel to Guatemala.

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With The Women Of Guatemala, National Evangelical Presbyterian Church Of Guatemala

This fund will provide money for workshops, teachers, materials, bus fare, food and occasional overnight accommodations so the women attending workshops and retreats will receive training and learn with and from one another ways in which they can better serve as elders, pastors, church school teachers, mothers, wives and community leaders.

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Women's Literacy Project For Kekchi Guatemalans

This project, founded in 1999, is operated by the five Kekchi-speaking presbyteries' membership. Funds will provide instructional supplies, equipment and modest salaries for bilingual (Kekchi/Spanish) teachers. This is a region with a 90 percent illiteracy rate.

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YAV, Guatemala Program

Young adult volunteers serving in Guatemala experience a year of developing Christian community through spiritual formation and volunteer service. Serving at several sites across Guatemala, young adult volunteers live in Christian community and serve church and community-based ministries. Funds raised to support programmatic expenses, as well as travel, visas, stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, and food allowance. Any funds raised beyond the needs of the individual volunteer or related site are used to support other volunteers and the general YAV Program.

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