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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Enhancing The Latin American Biblical University Library Services

The Harry Strachan Library supports the educational process of many students in extension programs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This project furnishes funds for the infrastructure of the library, cataloging and computer automation and staff salaries.

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Latin American Biblical University Programs

UBL offers students the opportunity to obtain a university degree as well as a theological education. The UBL, previously the SBL, seeks to combine the best resources and methods of residential and extension education. This project supports the many efforts of the UBL in its extension courses throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Latin American Biblical University Scholarships

To provide scholarships at UBL.

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Presbyterian Church Of Costa Rica (IEPC)

The Presbyterian Church of Costa Rica (IEPC) is a small denomination in Costa Rica with whom the PC(USA) has been in partnership for some 25 years. Funds are for Christian education, evangelism, pastor training and general programming.

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Professor Of Bible & Coordinator Of Publications, Costa Rica

Elisabeth Cook teaches Old Testament and biblical interpretation courses at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) main campus in San Jose and occasionally at UBL's centers in Venezuela, Peru, or other countries in Latin America. Born in Guatemala, Elisabeth is the daughter of two missionaries and the granddaughter of others. She has spent most of her life in Latin America. "My concern has always been how, as a Christian, to respond to the injustice of poverty and exclusion in Latin America," she writes. "Working at the university is a way to contribute to the transformation of people, churches, and ...

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