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“Flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you.” Matt. 2:13

Global Food Crisis
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Moving towards solutions

Learn more about the Global Food Crisis by exploring these topics:

Food sovereignty and agroecology

Christians and the Right to Food: Human Rights and Ending Hunger
Theological basis for food sovereignty.

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Food Campaign in English, French and Spanish

The Time has Come for La Via Campesina and Food Sovereignty
An article by agroecologist and food rights activist Peter Rosset.

Via Campesina’s Seven Principles of Food Sovereignty
Core values of the rural workers organization Via Campesina.

Seeding Justice: A New Value System for Food and Agriculture

The global food price crisis: ensuring food security for all
An edition of Global Future magazine with several articles focused on food security.

Download From "Food Crisis to Food Justice," a food sovereignty presentation, as a PDF or a PowerPoint.

Sustainable agriculture and agroecology

Synthesis Report of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development
April 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sustainable Agriculture: Meeting Food Security Needs, Addressing Climate Change Challenges

The World Food Crisis: What’s Behind It and What We Can Do About It
Download this Food First Policy Brief (English)

La Crisis Mundial de Alimentos: Que Hay Detrás Y Que Podemos Hacer
Descargar este Cuaderno Politico de Food First

Agroecology and Sustainable Development
A four-page introduction to agroecology with a list of suggestions for action around public policy.

Is Ecological Agriculture Productive?
A brief scientific study showing the benefits of sustainable agriculture for world hunger.

Towards a Green Food System: How Food Sovereignty Can Save the Environment and Feed the World
20-page summary report connecting food sovereignty with environmental movements.

Global markets are not the answer to food problems
Analysis of global pricing and why developing countries continue to struggle.

The Food and Farming Transition: Toward a Post-Carbon Food System
Makes the case for why and how we must reinvent the food system in the face of declining fuel stocks.

Food Aid

Women and Food Crises: How U.S. Food Aid Policies Can Better Support their Struggles

Feeding a Hungry World: A Vision for Food Aid in the 21st Century

Food Aid for the Hungry?


Debt and the food crisis

Debt Relief / Food Security Fact Sheet on Haiti from Jubilee USA Network

Expanded Debt Cancellation: A Key Tool to Fight Global Poverty
Debt relief works. But the reality is that even after the debt cancellation provided to date, the world’s most impoverished nations continue to send $100 million each day to the United States government, other wealthy nations, the IMF, the World Bank and other creditors. It's time to extend the promise of debt cancellation to additional countries that require it to fight extreme poverty, provided these nations can demonstrate their ability to utilize released funds well.  From Jubilee USA Network; January 2008 Briefing Note

Trade and the food crisis

Trade and agriculture alternatives

The way agricultural crops are subsidized and traded can have adverse effects on small farmers around the world, especially those in the Global South. Read stories of how people have been affected in different countries in the Food Week of Action booklet.

Presbyterian Coffee Project

More than 2,000 PC(USA) congregations purchase fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate. This helps small-scale producers and their communities prosper. As countries seek greater food sovereignty, the idea of domestic fair trade is growing. Equal Exchange now offers food products grown by U.S. farmers under the fair trade principles. Learn how to order these products.


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