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“Flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you.” Matt. 2:13

Global Food Crisis
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Energy and the Food Crisis

Learn more about the Global Food Crisis by exploring these topics:

Agrofuels Critics

Stress Testing Biofuels: How the Game Was Rigged
[TIME — United States]
This is why Congress included the stress tests along with a huge biofuels mandate in its 2007 energy bill.

Agrofuels and the Environment — Spanish and English (3:55)

Alberto Gomez of Via Campesina (Mexico) speaks at a public forum organized by USC and its Canadian partners. The message from the forum was clear: our global agriculture is already stretched to the limit and not producing enough food. Biofuels (also known as agrofuels) production is simply making hunger worse. Watch this video.

Agrofuels Proponents

Agrofuels in Virginia — Virginia Farm Bureau (2:33)

Sherri McKinney explains why Virginia farmers would like to see more incentives for biofuels from the next Virginia General Assembly. Watch this video.

Climate change and the food crisis

Lessons from Northeast Brazil: "You can’t fight the environment"
From Grassroots International

Climate Justice Now!
From Grassroots International

Climate Change and our Wacky Food System
Workshop Presentation by Andrew Kang Bartlett for Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary “Mending Our Earth” Teach-In, 2007


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