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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

New Beginnings Engage Mission
Watch 1001 new worshiping community leaders take on the question of who and what we are. What exactly is a new worshiping community?
If you believe the church of Jesus Christ is dying, STOP. We see the church of Jesus Christ. Find out how our work in Evangelism and Church Growth supports this belief. 
New Beginnings and Engage are turning churches right side up. From 'bursting at seams and getting saved' to doing ministry beyond church walls.
Engage: Mission curriculum available now—prepares people to be missionaries in their neighborhoods and communities. |  Order from the church store now.
Find training, resources and inspiration for the 1001 new worshiping movement.
Evangelism ministries resource, Engage, helps churches become relevant again.  | Start your faith-sharing, disciple-making journey now.
Find the PC(USA)-affiliated camp and conference center that meets your accommodation requirements and your location desires. | Visit

Go. Disciple. LiveGo Disciple Live.

Our ministry team continues to focus its works on helping churches and presbyteries,

  • Go beyond church walls,
  • Disciple by learning and growing together to be like Jesus,
  • Live thriving in mission, where God has placed us.   

One of the ways we do this is by 'Living out Jesus' Words,' which is the subject of my recent blog blog post 'Comings and Goings.'  It came out of inspiration I received at the 1001 New Worshiping Communities Conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida (August 10-14)—where nearly 300 church leaders gathered for mutual encouragement, teaching, and worship. Here are some highlights of what we learned, and some of the people I met who are living out Jesus' words powerfully.  

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I’m grateful to be in ministry with you.  Thanks be to God.

Chip Hardwick


  If you believe the church is dying, STOP. We see the church of Jesus Christ alive.  Discover how our work in Evangelism and Church Growth ministries supports this belief.

Evangelism and Formation Ministries


  • FUPC of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is seeking some basic information about the goals for Session regarding Evangelism/Outreach and how it might best assist its minister and congregation in making strong steps in the right direction to increase congregational numbers and programs, including youth. by Bill Crawford on 03/09/2011 at 4:42 p.m.

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