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“Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” —Song 2:13

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Youth curriculum

As young people mature in faith and life, they search for greater understanding of themselves and their world. One of our goals at Congregational Ministries Publishing is to provide your church with curricula that teaches teenagers and young adults they can turn to their Bible and additional resources in our Reformed tradition to find guidance throughout their lives.

We Believe Younger Youth

We Believe Younger Youth logo

Following the We Believe scope and sequence, Younger Youth (grades 7–8(9)) features weekly discussion topics pulled from everyday life that challenge participants to put their faith into action.Teaching materials are sold as an online, downloadable curriculum. Resources and take-home sheets are available on the Director CD.

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FAQ (Faithfully Asking Questions) LogoFAQ (Faithfully Asking Questions)

This online, downloadable quarterly curriculum connects faith questions asked by youth with questions from The Study Catechism: Confirmation Version. Written with younger youth in mind, this curriculum is easily adaptable for broadly graded youth programs.

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Faith Questions logoFaith Questions

Faith Questions mini-courses respond to real faith questions posed by Presbyterian youth from across the denomination. Each four- or six-session study encourages young people to look to Scripture, as well as our faith traditions, in relevant and responsive ways. Each session engages a faith question through meaningful and well-balanced learning activities. Written with older youth in mind, this curriculum is easily adaptable for broadly graded youth programs.

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INformed: Adolescent Development Resources

INformed logo

INformed: Adolescent Development Resources is a new online resource published by Congregational Ministries Publishing that provides biblically-based and relevant materials pertaining to challenging topics facing today’s youth, as mandated by the 218th General Assembly. Each downloadable and comprehensive topic provides background for leaders, insightful lesson plans, and articles that help parents, leaders, and learners talk about subjects that are sometimes difficult to discuss.

Visit the Informed website.

Professing Our Faith coverWe Believe: Professing Our Faith: A Confirmation Curriculum and We Believe Survey Courses 

Explore the faith from a uniquely Presbyterian perspective as you use these popular resources. Created for youth, Professing Our Faith, the confirmation curriculum and its sister survey courses are great tools for older children, youth and adults.

Two formats are available: a full-length format with 35 sessions and a shorter format with eight sessions.


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Graphic: Mission Stories for ChildrenMission Stories

Each downloadable, 13-session unit includes:

  • Four-page leader’s guide
  • Photographs and downloadable activities
  • Resource Pages

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  • Am looking for Sunday School lessons for high school, grades 9-11. Has anyone used RealFaithRealLife with this age group? Any other suggestions? Thanks! by Cathy McKay on 04/02/2011 at 11:36 p.m.

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