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“Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” —Song 2:13

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Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding

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More than 40 Being Reformed studies now available 

Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding is a series of biblically based studies that provides adults with a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Each six-session study—written by well-known and respected scholars—features Scripture, a prayer, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. Each study addresses its subject from a Reformed theological perspective.

Lessons are enhanced through the Leader’s Guide, which offers helpful suggestions and direction for group study. The main structure for these guides is the rubric Head, Heart, and Hands. 

  • What are we learning and what questions arise?
  • What does the lesson mean for our spiritual lives?
  • What implications for action emerge from the lesson to set us in a new direction for living?


New Studies:

Call to Mission, with a foreword by Hunter Farrell, director of Presbyterian World Mission, challenges congregations to explore their call to mission from both global and local perspectives. 

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving will strengthen our faith in God, who has acted in history, who continues to lead and guide us, and who will bring us together in the joyful feast of the people of God. Written by David Gambrell, associate for worship in the Office of Theology, Worship, and Education, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), this study is excellent for use during Lent or anytime in the liturgical year.

Select studies on ibooks and kindle!

Search for these titles: 1001 Worshiping Communities (iBooks only); Theology for Presbyterians; The Heidelberg Catechism; The Confession of Belhar; and Faith, Hope, Love, and Witness: The PC(USA) Form of Government.

Download a sample session:
Worship as Evangelism,
Participant’s Guide
Worship as Evangelism, Leader’s Guide


Ruling Elders Workbooks 

Ruling elders workbooks from the Being Reformed series are now available. Read more.


The Initiatives Series from Being Reformed

This series of studies is focused on the strategic mission directional goals of the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA). These directional goals will further the agency's mission, approved by the 221th General Assembly, to inspire, equip, and connect the PC(USA) and its many expressions to serve Christ in the world through new and existing worshiping communities of faith, hope, love, and witness. This timely series invites congregations to join in working together as a faithful, inclusive community as we seek to accomplish our common goals. 


Transformational Leaders

The first study in the series focuses on the directional goal to inspire, equip, and connect the church to: cultivate, nurture, and sustain diverse, transformational leaders for Christ's mission. Each session is written by respected voices of the PC(USA) whose ministry has a focus on nurturing and supporting transformational leaders for the 21st century. Contributors include: Ken McFayden, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Carol Howard Merritt, Mark Hinds, Mindy Douglas, and Steve Eason. Find on


Spiritual Practices and Questions for Reflection for Illuminating Advent

Session 1: Advent Hope
Session 2: Advent Peace
Session 3: Advent Joy
Session 4: Advent Love
Session 5: Christmas Savior
Session 6: Epiphany Light
Download all sessions

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, Part 1 of 2: Heidelberg Catechism



[The Being Reformed study] Temptation in the Desert is the best curriculum I have ever taught. It’s also very well received by young adult participants. Through word of mouth, attendance is increasing each Sunday.”
Susan Burch, adult Sunday school teacher, First Presbyterian Church, Greer, South Carolina

 “Being Reformed explores what makes us uniquely Reformed, distinctively centered in rich theology of learning and living in Christ. Our participants have found this curriculum to be informative and insightful as they travel their journey of what it means to be Reformed.”
Rev. Mary Jo Hotley, First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, North Dakota

Being Reformed:  Faith Seeking Understanding

Want to learn more about Being Reformed, the new adult curriculum of the PC(USA)? Check out this video featuring our editor, Donald K. McKim. Also included, “What does it mean to be Reformed?” (Length: 6:48) 



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