Food Week of Action and World Food Day

World Food Day and the Food Week of Action

October 9–17, 2016


Our faith calls us to work for a world where everyone has sufficient, healthy and culturally appropriate food! And where those who produce and prepare the food are fairly compensated, respected and celebrated!

The global Churches Week of Action on Food (October 9-17) is an opportunity for Christians and others around the world to act together for food justice and food sovereignty. It is a special time to raise awareness about farming approaches that help individuals and communities develop resiliency and combat poverty. We are called also to examine our food choices and to call for policy changes that will ensure the right to food for everyone.

The Food Week of Action includes World Food Day (October 16), International Day for Rural Women (October 15), and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17).

Solidarity Actions for 2016

Fair Wages & Worker Justice

  1. Boycott Wendy’s, tweet about it, and deliver managers letters.
  2. Support an increase in the minimum wage at the national level and work locally for worker justice.

Trade and Food Sovereignty

  1. Say yes to fair trade and no to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at
  2. Raise your voice against land grabs at

You can join the Food Week of Action wherever you are. Let us know you are ‘Going’ on the  
Food Week Facebook event.  And if you are planning any sermon, event or related activity during the month of October, add it to the map and global listing.

Daily Actions

Do these first two things right away. The rest can wait until October.

  1. REGISTER for ‘World Food Day & Land Grabs: Near & Far’
    PHP Webinar on Oct 4th (12:00pm ET)
  2. Ask your pastor to preach about hunger and World Food Day in October.

Oct 9 or Oct 16 – Preaching about local and global hunger, and ways to address it

Oct 10–Support Fair Trade and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership—

Oct 11–Climate Justice: Educate yourself and others— and join the Climate Justice movement—

Oct 12–Agroecology is the path to food sovereignty. Learn about Agroecology at

Oct 13–Call on Wendy’s to join the farm workers’ Fair Food Program

Oct 14–Advocate for a higher minimum wage

Oct 15–International Day for Rural Women—Support the seed and culture saving initiatives of Dalit, Adivasi and other rural women in Joining Hands’ South India Chethana network— (type ‘Chethana’ in the donation instructions)

Oct 16–World Food Day—Push for strong EPA Farmworker Protection Standards—

Oct 17–International Day for the Eradication of Poverty—Help end land grabs

Worship and Theological Resources

Food Week Liturgy

World Food Day Prayer (from the Presbyterian Hunger Program)

Map of Actions and Events

Let people near and far know what you have planned for October, Food Week or World Food Day!

  1. Listing of Actions and Events
  2. Fill out this easy form to get your event in the List and on the map.