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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Company of New Pastors
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Company of New Pastors FAQ

 Answers to some commonly asked questions about the program

Q:  What is the Company of Pastors?

A:  CNP is a transition into ministry program that focuses on the spiritual and vocational formation of pastoral leaders.  Beginning in seminary and focusing on spiritual disciplines in the context of a community of colleagues, CNP is different from other transition into ministry program which often focus more deliberately on particular skills for ministry.  CNP focuses on nurturing the faith that will sustain a life of pastoral leadership and models for the church a community of accountability and support.

 Q:  How does the program work?

A:  CNP has two phases – the seminary phase and the covenant group phase.  Seminary groups attend a national orientation gathering in the fall of their last year in seminary, and meet monthly during the last year of seminary.  Covenant groups attend a national gathering the fall after graduation and then meet approximately every eight months over the following four years.

 Q:  Who can be part of Company of New Pastors?

A:  There are several ways to become part of CNP.  Presbyterian seminary students enrolled at one of our seminary sites can join a seminary group.  Presbyterian students enrolled in a non-CNP seminary can apply to join CNP during their final year.  Pastors can apply to become a pastor mentor for a covenant group.

 Q:  How do I join a CNP seminary group?

A:  Our current seminary sites are:  Austin Theological Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary, Dubuque Seminary, Fuller Seminary, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, Seattle Pacific University and Union Presbyterian Seminary.  CNP staff can help you make contact with the faculty mentors at each of these schools.

 Q:  Can I join CNP if I don’t attend one of those schools?

A:  Yes – with some limitations.  For more information on how to become involved, contact the CNP office.

 Q: How much does the program cost me?

A:  Because CNP begins while participants are still in seminary and then in the early years of ministry, CNP covers the initial program costs, including travel to national gatherings.  Participants begin to assume costs during the covenant group phase, beginning with the second group meeting, which is covered at 50%.  With the third meeting, participants are responsible for meeting costs.  There is a limited amount of scholarship funding available to participants.

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