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“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life.’ ” —John 6:35

Church Growth
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New Beginnings


What is New Beginnings?

  • A way for presbyteries or individual congregations to envision a new future for their churches.
  • It is both an assessment and a process:
    • As an assessment, it provides congregations with information about their church and community, including a building inspection, a financial review, detailed demographic information and much more.
    • As a process, it helps churches use that information to discern a new future story for the congregation.
  • While the program is primarily geared to churches in significant decline, it is also helpful for churches who simply feel ‘stuck’ in their present situation.
  • Over forty PC(USA) churches are already involved in the program – some of which have already decided on a new beginning!
  • Future stories come in many forms, including mission redevelopment, relocation, a full restart, or the possibility of leaving a legacy.

Does your church need a new future story?  Find more more complete information or contact Ann Philbrick, Associate for Church Growth and Transformation.

New Beginnings: from 'navel-gazing' to 'acting out faith'

As congregations gets "into mix of it" locally, younger folks start to show up

The Presbyterian Church of Ruston, Louisiana, felt like it needed a boost. The small, aging congregation was in good shape; they didn’t have any major problems, having healed from a rift years ago.  Of course, they wanted young children and families, but they weren’t dying, and they weren’t panicking.

“But we felt like we need a shot in the arm,” says Commissioned Ruling Elder Edith Hill, who has provided pastoral leadership to the congregation for eight years. “We wanted to think differently—in new ways.”

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