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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

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Discover Stony Point

Featured Presbyterian center

Stony Point: an open space ...Stony Point Center, an ecumenical and interfaith conference and retreat center of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), welcomes people of all faiths and nations to discern, discover, learn and lead.  

Located just 34 miles north of New York City, the center offers overnight accommodations for up to 160 with more than a dozen indoor and outdoor meeting spaces for 10 to 200 people.  Most of our rooms are fully accessible for people with disabilities and have wireless Internet access.  Audiovisual equipment, teleconferencing, photocopying and fax are also available. 

In addition to our accommodations and meeting spaces, Stony Point Center offers several opportunities for smaller groups to customize their experience, including boating and hiking in nearby Harriman State Park, a "Low Ropes" Challenge Course and playing fields, “Cultivating Quiet” spiritual retreats, and facilitation for strategic planning.

Rooted in mission, the history of Stony Point Center reflects a rich tradition of hospitality and commitment to world mission. Beginning with an invitation from the Gilmor sisters to missionaries on furlough to “come to our home, enjoy the gardens and renew your spirit,” the Stony Point Center has been host to a myriad of guests who have gathered to work, create, learn, listen and be still in this beautiful setting. 

Part of Stony Point Center's mission today is to nurture the Community of Living Traditions, a  developing,  multifaith intentional residential community on our campus that is dedicated to the study and practice of nonviolence. The Community of Living Traditions was started by three partner organizations: The Muslim Peace Fellowship, Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence and the Luke 6 Project.

Pole that says May Peace Prevail on Earth

Photo courtesy of Stony Point.

Community members commit to study and live out the best of their faith tradition's nonviolence practices, while learning from each other and working together to bring about a more just world. Members of the Community of Living Traditions currently focus their advocacy on issues such as the prison system, Israel/Palestine, immigration and food justice.  They are also available to speak with groups about their work and community experiences, and assist with interfaith skill-building and understanding.

Stony Point Center continues to be a destination for those in search of deeper spiritual connection, for those interested in peacebuilding through engaging people of other faith traditions, and for those longing for an open space where all are welcome.  Our beautiful grounds include our meditation space, labyrinth and Japanese peace garden for reflection and prayer.  Embodying Stony Point Center's commitment to food justice, workshops on gardening or food justice are available with the center''s gardeners and food educators.  A spiritual director, massage therapist and yoga instructor are available for groups and individuals by special arrangement.

Stony Point Center’s diverse and dedicated staff teams with a wonderful group of volunteers to build on the spirit and legacy of this historic center.

Stony Point Center's Mission

Stony Point Center, modeling the love of Jesus, welcomes people of all faiths and nations to discern, discover, learn and lead.  Together, bold dreamers experience the movement of God's Spirit to create pathways to peace, nonviolence and justice.

Stony Point Center is an open space ...

  • Welcoming all people
  • Discerning God's call to faithful action
  • Building community that crosses boundaries
  • Nurturing leaders who transform the world
  • Learning to Live in Harmony with Creation
  • Sharing sacred spiritual practices
  • Creating pathways to peace, nonviolence and justice

Stony Point Center is a National Conference Center of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Visit Stony Point's website and get more information about upcoming programs and volunteer opportunities.



  • This sounds like a great place to find hope in a redeeming savior. How do we engage? by Bryan Ogden on 10/03/2012 at 10:55 p.m.

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