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“Have you considered my servant Job?” —Job 1:3

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Your Presbyterian camp

Find a camp near youFor 100 years, Presbyterian camps have been providing safe, faith-filled summer experiences. Time spent with caring, trained young adult role models provides an opportunity for campers to understand and live their faith while having fun doing it! Days spent at the pool, by the lake, hiking in the woods, riding a zip line, creating arts and crafts, learning about the critters in the woods and meeting other campers from different places that share our values brings Christ into clearer focus.

Days at camp are filled with activities but most importantly, daily Bible study and evening reflection time around a campfire focus the camp experience firmly on learning more about God.

Another wonderful benefit of the camp experience is the safe exploration of independence. Campers will have to be responsible for their belongings, being on time, interacting respectfully with others, resolving disagreements in a safe and positive way and some parents even report that their children come home and make the bed and ask to help do chores! We all want our children to grow up to be responsible and self-sufficient. Time at camp can be a big, safe step in that growth in your child.

Take some time to learn about the Presbyterian camp closest to you. We hope that you will find a home away from home for your children where they feel safe and you feel confident in the care and the religious experience they will be receiving while at a Presbyterian camp.

Find a Presbyterian camp close to you.

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