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“You give them something to eat.” Matt. 14:16

Asian Congregational Support
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Mei-Hui Lai
(800) 728-7228, x5682
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Or write to
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202

National Taiwanese Presbyterian Council (NTPC)


Moderator:Theresa Chen Williams

(502) 802-4431


Vice Moderator:Eva Huang

(301) 438-1812


Secretary:Sen Yuan Su

(626) 437-1555


Treasurer:Amy Su

(832) 766-2471




Peter Wu

(510) 579-9704


Esther Pan

(702) 778-3682


Thomas Kuo

(714) 458-3772



NAPC Representative:Stephen Hsieh

(408) 268-5654


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