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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

Annual Reports of the Presbyterian Mission Agency
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Mission Support

Communications & Funds Development

We support the work of mission and ministry in the GAMC. Our role is to listen, tell, ask, and thank. Through church gatherings and visits, social media, and many other ways, we listen for constituents’ passions and God’s calling in mission and ministry. We use publications, videos, e-newsletters, and other media to tell compelling stories of mission and ministry that engage Presbyterians and highlight the importance of their support. Our funds development ministry has learned that as we share these stories it is important to invite engagement. We have learned that Presbyterians are excited to engage in the mission and ministry of the church and are equally excited to give out of the resources that God has given them. Through our Special Offerings and other appeals, we ask church leaders and members to become involved in the church’s work through vital financial support. Finally, we thank donors promptly for their abundant and much-needed generosity in stewarding God’s gifts.

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Shared Services

The work of Shared Services isn’t often in the spotlight, because our ministry is focused on undergirding the more visible ministries described in this report. But each day you will find Shared Services at work, often behind the scenes, providing the church with the highest quality services in support of mission. Our goal is excellence—in logistics, financial services, and information technology—so that more of the church’s resources can be dedicated to Christ’s mission.

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Executive Director’s Office

 The Executive Director’s Office provides coordination for the work of the General Assembly Mission Council, including support for meetings of the elected Council members, regular leadership team meetings, collaboration with other Assembly agencies, and corporate functions such as legal services, human resources, internal audit and risk management. Our work is guided by a commitment to CARE (collaboration, accountability, responsiveness and excellence) in all we do. Highlights in 2011 include the beginnings of a 2013-2016 strategy process and increased communication between the advocacy committees and the General Assembly Mission Council.

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