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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

Presbyterian Mission Agency
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About the Presbyterian Mission Agency

The Role of the Presbyterian Mission Agency

The Presbyterian Mission Agency is one of six General Assembly agencies, established and described in the Organization for Mission.

  • The Presbyterian Mission Agency advises and responds to the General Assembly on priorities, programs, and strategies for addressing matters of concern for the Ministries of our church.
  • The primary purpose of the Presbyterian Mission Agency is to lead and coordinate the total mission program.
  • The Presbyterian Mission Agency will cultivate a style of work that emphasizes:
  • coordination among ministries;
  • flexible deployment of resources to match changing needs;
  • allocation of funding to reflect stated goals;
  • concluding as well as initiating programs;
  • attention to the needs and gifts of congregations;
  • effective relationships with all governing bodies; and
  • holding the vision described without reverting to old patterns.

Read the 2014
annual report

Cover of the  Presbyterian Mission Agency annual report

In 2014, the Presbyterian Mission Agency was guided by faith in God’s plan to transform the world, by hope in Christ Jesus, and with love in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Read about the highlights of our progress in the 2014 Annual Report.


    • The Presbyterian Mission Agency develops and proposes, for General Assembly approval, the mission directions, goals, objectives, and priorities of the Presbyterian Mission Agency; taking into account the mission work being done by sessions, presbyteries, and synods, and proposes for General Assembly approval an accompanying budget that will implement the mission work plan of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.
    • The work of Presbyterian Mission Agency Ministries is a direct expression of the planning and mission understanding of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, which is accountable to the General Assembly in this regard.
    • The principal legal corporation is the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation, which receives, holds, and transfers property, and facilitates the management of the church’s corporate affairs. All voting members of the Presbyterian Mission Agency serve as members of the board of directors of this corporation.


Read the Mission Work Plan

The Mission Work Plan guides the work of the Presbyterian Mission Agency as it implements the mission directives of the PC(USA) General Assembly.  Please download the 2013-2016 Mission Work Plan.



How the Presbyterian Mission Agency is structured

see the PRESBYTERIAN MISSION AGENCY organizational chart

Click here

Frequently Used Acronyms

See a list of acronyms frequently used in the Presbyterian Mission Agency and PC(USA)

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Pictorial Directory

 Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Pictorial Directory




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  • Thank you for the Daily Lectionary readings. This ministry has made it possible for me to receive God's Word wherever I go and to reflect upon God's will and His grace together with other seekers of help and truth. God bless you for helping me remember my purpose and Christ's gift of life eternal. by Robert Chastain on 03/10/2013 at 6:37 a.m.

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Presbyterian Mission Agency

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