Training & Cohorts

Online Training Webinars

Join us online throughout the year with people that can help your ministry. In order to keep these trainings as intimate as possible we have limited them to 25 registrants per webinar. Each webinar will be recorded and available for download. Registration will open 30 days prior to the event.

8/24 Conversations with a 1001 Associate – Sean Chow, Western Region Associate (Presbyterian Mission Agency)
9/7 Social Media – Mari Graham, Social Media Strategist (Presbyterian Mission Agency)
9/12 Meet a 1001 NWC Leader – Tamara John, Pastor (Hope for Life RV Ministry)
9/15 Hispanic Ministry – Pablo Rivera
9/29 Grants – Vera White, National 1001 New Worshiping Communities Coordinator (Presbyterian Mission Agency) and Tim Mcallister, Associate Office of Mission Programs and Grants (Presbyterian Mission Agency)
10/5 Rural Ministry – Edwin Lacey, Pastor (Wild Goose)
11/2 Evangelism – Christopher James, Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity (University of Debuque)

(all webinars are at 2 p.m. EST)


Leader Cohorts

Get support and develop best practices for your ministry in community.
We heard you! NWC leaders around the nation have told us that they would LOVE to be in a committed small group with other NWC leaders to pray, share insights, and relate more closely to one another as fellow partners in this movement of Jesus Christ in our communities.

We are starting multiple cohorts of New Worshiping Community leaders this fall. We have geographically-based and topical cohorts forming. Most will meet online once/month, but the groups can determine what is best for them. Our 1001 team will also have a quarterly training online for all cohort members to expand their competencies as leaders, based on the topics you want to focus on.

It is good to tell our stories—during the 1001 conference this August, many of us took time to share how we came to be a NWC leader.  It felt good to be heard, and to let the passion of others ignite us once again for our calling. I hope that stories and honest truth–telling will be a part of these groups as they move forward.

If you are interesting in being a part of this, please contact Sean. Cohorts are forming now!

Interested in being in NWC leader cohort?  Contact Sean Chow for more information.


Be the Light Go Disciple Live 2017 National ConferenceThe Go Disciple Live “Be the Light” Conference, formerly known as the Evangelism and Church Growth Conference, is a vibrant gathering of Presbyterians committed to disciple-making, which leads to authentic evangelism, effective church transformation, justice, and church planting through 1001 new worshiping communities. It will be held at the TradeWinds Island Resorts in St. Pete Beach, Florida.




Starting New Worshiping Communities
This resource walks you and your team through the five tasks of developing a new worshiping community: Establishing your identity, Discerning the vision, Exploring the possibilities, Finding missionary leaders, and Developing a plan.  Rather than a proscriptive plan or linear progression, Starting New Worshiping Communities guides you in a process of discernment.



National Conference for 1001 New Worshiping Communities
Mark your calendars for our next 1001 national conference and join leaders from around the country as we gather in St. Pete Beach, August 10-13, 2016 for a week of community, training, and coaching.

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Starting New Worshiping Communities 3-Day Training
Periodically, regional 3 day trainings are held to guide you and your team through the Starting NWC’s process. Alternatively, you can schedule a time to bring your team to us for this training or even have one of our regional associates come to your community.

Contact a regional associate to discuss the possibilities.

Go Disciple Live | 2017 National Conference

Be the Light Go Disciple Live 2017 National ConferenceAugust 8–11, 2016 | St. Pete Beach
Early bird registration continues for our national conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida, August 8–11, 2016.  Featuring plenary speakers Mike Breen, Ralph B. Watkins and Casey Fitzgerald—and workshops focused on:

  • Disciple making
  • Authentic evangelism
  • Effective church transformation
  • Justice
  • Church planting through the 1001 NWC movement

Details and Registration 

Discerning Missional Leadership: Assessment


Discerning Missional Leadership: Potential Church Planters AssessmentOur 2016 scheduled assessments are:

  • Los Angeles, Feb 8–11
  • Richmond, VA Apr 13–16
  • Pittsburgh, Aug

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Read about our Assessment process.