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“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.” Rom. 8:26

Donation Opportunities

Vocational School, Cap Haitian, Haiti

The Episcopal Vocational School in Cap Haitian begins at the primary level and goes through secondary. The vocational component is an important element in the lives of young Haitians as they develop skills that will allow them to seek employment. This project will offer scholarships for students as well as purchase materials such as computers for the school.

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Volunteers For Buckhorn

In 1902, Rev. Harvey Murdock, Presbyterian pastor from Brooklyn, NY, answered God's call to start a school in Buckhorn, Ky. Since then, Buckhorn has been blessed with volunteer and mission groups dedicated to serving troubled children in Appalachia Kentucky and Ohio. In an effort to nurture and expand these relationships, and stretch our limited resources, we are expanding our volunteer/mission program. Our goal, through Buckhorn's dedicated outreach staff member, is to increase the number of volunteers and mission groups that assist with tutoring, make repairs to our children's cottages, church, school and outdoor recreation/worship areas ...

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Waldensian Church, Italy

The Waldensian Church is a sister Reformed church. As a minority church, solidarity with marginalized people has always been the benchmark of Waldensian discipleship. Your support of this ECO helps the Waldensian Church minister to refugees, immigrants, those in poverty and children in need.

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Washington Office Internship Program

The Intern will serve as a member of the Washington Office staff team. While working with a permanent staff person, duties may include the following: 1) monitoring the policy-making process on selected issues, including attending hearings, securing copies of testimony, etc; 2) participating in strategy-planning meetings of interfaith groups or coalitions working on the assigned issues; 3) calling or visiting members of Congress or their staff and representatives of the executive branch to advocate the recommendations of the General Assembly; 4) preparing analysis of key bills before Congress for distribution to selected leaders across the church; 5) developing and implementing ...

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Water For All

Without clean water, good health is impossible. In many parts of the world people suffer chronic and life-threatening illness and children die needlessly for lack of accessible clean water. Funds for this program provide technical assistance, equipment and training to develop sources of clean water in needy communities.

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Water is Life

Water is Life is a worldwide campaign to preserve the Right of access to clean water for all of God's Creation. It promotes global education about the importance of clean water and the need to preserve it, anti-pollution measures to protect our lakes, rivers, and underground water from contamination by agricultural and mineral toxic bi-products, anti-privatization policies and practices that commodity this essential God's Gift, and threaten to deprive access of poor people to water, and all other threats to the right of all living beings to water.

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West Africa Regional Liaison

Funds donated to this ECO are used for operating, travel and administrative expenses for the work of the PC(USA) Regional Liaison in West Africa. The regional liaison helps implement programs with partner churches in West Africa, while supporting PC(USA) congregations and presbyteries who are in direct mission involvement with these partners. The regional liaison also gives practical, pastoral, and other support to PC(USA) mission personnel in the region. Particular focus is on the countries of Ghana, Togo, Niger, and Nigeria.

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West Virginia Mission Advocacy & Work Camps

West Virginia Mission Advocacy and Work Camps provides home rehabilitation for victims of disaster, including poverty, in West Virginia. Year round recovery projects may include interior and exterior construction, roofing, deconstruction and wheel chair ramps. The executive director establishes relationships in WV communities to prepare for workcamps, assessing projects and working with churches and other organizations to bring awareness of need.

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Wetlands Restoration

This fund will provide financial support for a theological wetlands education center in the Presbytery of South Louisiana.

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With The Women Of Guatemala, National Evangelical Presbyterian Church Of Guatemala

This fund will provide money for workshops, teachers, materials, bus fare, food and occasional overnight accommodations so the women attending workshops and retreats will receive training and learn with and from one another ways in which they can better serve as elders, pastors, church school teachers, mothers, wives and community leaders.

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