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“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.” Rom. 8:26

Donation Opportunities

Training Church Leaders in Africa

PC(USA) Church Partners in Africa continue to place leadership development as a high priority. Educated leaders are needed to serve an ever growing African Church population. Donations to this ECO will support the education needs of PC(USA) Church Partners.

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Travel & Project Funds, Office of Camp & Conference Ministries

Provide funds to allow for additional travel and special projects for the promotion and advancement of camp and conference ministries (surveys, grants, group planning meetings, consultations, brochures, etc.) initiated by the Office of Camp and Conference Ministries.

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Trinity Theological Seminary, Ghana

Trinity Theological Seminary is an ecumenical school of theology which trains pastors and leaders for many denominations in Ghana, including the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. While a large majority of students come from Ghana, some come from West Africa and from further abroad. The seminary is largely supported by the churches in Ghana. There are two affiliated institutes, one focused on women and theology, and another on theology in indigenous African languages. Donations to this ECO will support the work of Trinity.

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Tumekutana; African Women's Conference

Funds donated to this ECO will be used to support our sisters in Africa by providing opportunities for networking, discussion & planning, as well as forums to identify common areas of challenge and plan the strategies to address their challenges from a Christian perspective.

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UKirk (meaning University Church)

UKirk (meaning University Church) is the Presbyterian Church (USA) collegiate ministries charged with reaching, loving and teaching college students so they may be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. It is also a network of leaders who are serving and ministering to college students. Your donation will help students, collegiate ministries and ministry leaders.

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UPCSA Presbytery of Zimbabwe, General Support

Donations will be used to support the work of UPCSA-Presbytery of Zimbabwe

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UPCSA Synod of Zambia, General Support

General support for UPCSA Synod of Zambia

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US Coordinators For Border Ministry, Frontera de Cristo

Rev. Mark Adams and Miriam Maldonado work in partnership with a pastor of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico in Frontera de Cristo, a shared mission of Presbyterian Border Ministries. The work includes church development, health, family counseling, the New Hope Community Center, mission education, and the Just Trade Center. Mark describes his call to mission in the context of God's claim on his life through baptism: "I had been proclaimed a child of the covenant at my baptism and was baptized into a community of believers. The reality of how grand this community is didn't become clear ...

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US Medical, Childspring International

Childspring International works with hospitals, missionaries and organizations overseas to bring children to the United States in need of medical treatment not available in their countries. Childpring finds doctors and hospitals willing to donate their services free of charge. Churches in the USA provide through its members, host families and volunteer support. After the children return home with a full scholarship and physically healthier, they can develop mentally and have a good chance for a better tomorrow. Childspring leveraged every $1 donated into $24 of critical medical services for a child.

Once doctor and hospital are approved, Childspring works with ...

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Union Christian College, Aluva, Kerala, India

This project involves renovation and addition of buildings, development of innovative education programs to serve the needs of the community, and creation of an endowment for future sustainability.

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