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“Do not doubt, but believe.” John 20:27

Donation Opportunities

The Centro Intereclesial de Estudios Teologicos y Sociales (CIEETS)

Believing that theology cannot be done in isolation from our service to community, CIEETS (Centro Intereclesial de Estudios Teologicos y Sociales, (The Interchurch Center for Theological and Social Studies), is both a theological institution as well as a community development organization. AMAD (Environment and Development Program, Area de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo) works with rural communities to strengthen local capacity with the aim of improving the quality of life for those living in vulnerable situations of poverty. Their theology program (FEET - Facultad Evangelica de Estudios Teologicos: The Evangelical Faculty for Theological Studies) serves students from over 40 denominations, offering programs ...

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The Church of Christ in Thailand

This ECO is useful in supporting projects which do not fall under the specific opportunities listed in the other ECO projects and with undesignated donations. This gives the Area Coordinator, the ability to respond to the unforeseen and emergency needs of our partner churches in the area. Your support of this important work is very needed.

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The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) Special Projects

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo enrolls more than 330 students at campuses in Cairo, Alexandria and Minia in full and part-time Bachelor and Master of Arts in Theology programs. Gifts to this fund may be designated for the Library, current capital improvement projects, distance learning, computer upgrades, continuing education for pastors, emergency funds, summer internships or other approved projects

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The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), Student Scholarship Fund

The Evangelical Theological Seminary at Cairo prepares, equips and trains pastors, ministers and leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and other churches in Egypt, the Middle East and Arabic speaking communities abroad. ETSC has an enrollment of more than 330 students in its Cairo, Alexandria and Minia campuses in full and part-time Bachelor and Master of Arts in Theology programs. This fund offsets costs to provide all qualified students a quality theological education.

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The Healing Ministry of the Church Of Bangladesh

The Church of Bangladesh, a partner church of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is nurturing the healing ministry of its congregations, development projects and hospitals. The healing ministry of the church extends to Muslims and Hindus as well as to Christians, and it is a critical part of the church's overall outreach.

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The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy (MPC) is a multinational, interdenominational, English-speaking Protestant congregation organized in 1962 by the National Council of Churches of Christ of the U.S.A., based on a 1933 agreement between the U.S. and Soviet governments to ensure religious freedom for foreigners in the U.S.S.R.Today, MPC is a shared ministry of the PC (U.S.A.), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Reformed Church in America, the United Methodist Church, and the American Baptist Churches. After the collapse of communism, the ministry grew to include students and refugees from Africa and ...

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The Outreach Foundation

The Outreach Foundation is a Validated Mission Support Group in a covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA). They raise funds for evangelism and church development projects approved by World Mission and the PMA. Projects are in the US and other countries. Funds received through this ECO will be sent to The Outreach Foundation to go toward projects they have agreed to help fund for PC(USA).

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The Palestine Children's Relief Fund

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) is a non-political, non-profit American relief group that was established in 1991 to address the extraordinary medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youth in the Middle East. Since then, it has expanded in order to help suffering children from other Middle Eastern countries. PCRF helps to locate cost-free medical care and treatment for children who are unable to obtain the necessary and specialized treatment in their home country. In Iraq, for example, the PCRF works with local NGO's, US military personnel and the Iraqi Ministry of Health, to identify children who were ...

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The Protestant Theological Faculty Of Charles University

Since the overthrow of the communist regime in 1989, increasing numbers of laity are seeking theological education along with those preparing for various professions in central Europe. The Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University is an interdenominational, ecumenically open theological school. Funds will aid the seminary in training new ministers for service in the region.

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The Synod of the Nile, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt

The Synod of the Nile Evangelical (Presbyterian) Church is the minority of the Christian minority. Around 90% of the population is Muslim with the remaining 10% population of Christians mostly Coptic Orthodox. American Presbyterian missionaries began their ministry in Assiut, Upper Egypt in 1854. Much of the Evangelical Church's strength and reputation has grown from the schools and hospitals founded by the early church workers of the American Mission in Egypt. The Church has significant outreach and evangelism programs that focus on new church development and on church redevelopment particularly in rural and urban settings.

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