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“The last will be first, and the first will be last.” Matt. 20:16

Donation Opportunities

West Virginia Mission Advocacy & Work Camps

West Virginia Mission Advocacy and Work Camps provides home rehabilitation for victims of disaster, including poverty, in West Virginia. Year round recovery projects may include interior and exterior construction, roofing, deconstruction and wheel chair ramps. The executive director establishes relationships in WV communities to prepare for workcamps, assessing projects and working with churches and other organizations to bring awareness of need.

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Wetlands Restoration

This fund will provide financial support for a theological wetlands education center in the Presbytery of South Louisiana.

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With The Women Of Guatemala, National Evangelical Presbyterian Church Of Guatemala

This fund will provide money for workshops, teachers, materials, bus fare, food and occasional overnight accommodations so the women attending workshops and retreats will receive training and learn with and from one another ways in which they can better serve as elders, pastors, church school teachers, mothers, wives and community leaders.

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Women Discovering New Roles & Support in Central America, CEDEPCA

Protestant women throughout Central America are moving into new roles as leaders in their churches. Workshops, seminars and biblical reflection help these women as they assume opportunities and responsibilities among the people of God.

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Women's Development Center, Taiwan

This project supports the social, family and counseling needs of women and their children. With your gifts, counseling can continue for children who have been involved in family crises and abusive situations and for divorced and abused women.

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Women's Literacy Project For Kekchi Guatemalans

This project, founded in 1999, is operated by the five Kekchi-speaking presbyteries' membership. Funds will provide instructional supplies, equipment and modest salaries for bilingual (Kekchi/Spanish) teachers. This is a region with a 90 percent illiteracy rate.

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Women's Work, CPC

The Department of Women of the CPC ministers holistically to the various needs of women and families. In addition to organizing opportunities for shared worship, prayer and Bible study, the department teaches women skills that will help them meet physical needs of their families, such as making soap, tie-dying clothes to sell, gardening and nutrition. Support for this ECO will help the department implement its many programs.

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Work Of The Churches In Europe

PC(USA) is related to partner churches, large and small, in over 40 countries in Europe and the former Soviet Union. Each church identified opportunities for outreach that require resources they are unable to provide. Your gifts will make funds available for some of the most critical needs in this region.Gifts to this project may also assist with necessary related project expenses that are essential to the successful completion of this project, such as mission personnel, travel and administrative support.

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Workers with Christians in Northern Iraq

This fund will support personnel working with the Presbyterian Church of Iraq as it assists the Christians living in northern Iraq. Many Christians have been displaced and have moved to the areas in the north where they continue to make their Christian witness while they seek to re-establish themselves in their new setting.

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YAV Alumni Community (YAVA) support of the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program

Young Adult Volunteers experience a year of developing Christian community through spirtual formation, mission service and mission learning. Funds are used for programmatic support and to directly support volunteers with stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, housing, food allowance, travel, and training.

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