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“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” —Isa. 6:3

Donation Opportunities

1000 Days: Maternal and Child Nutrition

These funds will be deployed in projects that focus on maternal and child nutrition in the 1,000 days between the beginning of a woman's pregnancy and her child's second birthday. Projects will connect healthy, culturally-appropriate food production with children during this 1000-day window in which good nutrition can make such a lasting impact on the rest of their lives.

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1001 New Worshiping Communities

This fund is established in response to the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) recommendation to the 2012 GA that states: The GA, in gratitude and response to God for the movement of the Holy Spirit in this time and place: Declare a church wide commitment to ignite a movement that results in the creation of 1001 new worshiping communities in the next ten years; Encourage each GA agency to join in fulfilling this movement; and Encourage each session and mid-council to pray for the fulfillment of God's purpose within this movement and discern and pursue ways to participate in this ...

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175 Years of General Assembly Mission Sending

Presbyterians have been establishing and faithfully supporting mission societies since the 1790s. In 1837, the General Assembly agreed to assume the responsibilities of sending mission personnel by creating the Board of Foreign Missions. In 2012, we celebrate 175 years of the mission sending by the General Assembly. Our mission workers have gone into the world to witness to Christ's love by bringing healing to the broken, skills for self-reliance to those in need and encouragement to both new Christian communities and those in need of renewal. Gifts to this project will support mission workers to continue this tradition into ...

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AIDS Crisis Overseas

Gifts support church and community-based programs that address poverty, behavior and other root causes of AIDS transmission. Programs include skills training, education, income-generating activities and Biblically based behavior formation and change. A particular focus is women and families.

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AIDS Education Programs, CCAP, Zambia

This project provides training and supplies for home based health care providers and teachers; funds for the building and equipping of a school, health and nutritional needs, and scholarships for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children of the CCAP in Zambia.

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AMANECER, Bolivia Street Child

This long standing activity in Cochabamba, Bolivia, addresses the multiple needs of street children in that city with food, basic health care, education and housing. Children also receive vocational training to enable them to reintegrate the mainstream labor force and earn an honest living.

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Aboriginal Student Scholarship, Taiwan

This program helps the students of the seven colleges in the area grow in faith, reach out to the non-Christian students, train and encourage the students and team leaders. Also, this project will help to provide Bible study materials and student scholarships.

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Academic Dean, United Kingdom

Tom Harvey is serving as dean of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS) in Oxford, England, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. With more than 140 part-time or full-time students working towards their master's of philosophy or Ph.D., OCMS has a graduate program larger than most university departmental doctoral programs with research into areas as diverse as displaced youth in Romania, HIV/AIDS in Africa, conflict resolution in Kenya, and biblical hermeneutics and the Anglican Church of Malaysia. His wife, Judy, is involved in team ministry.

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Gifts will help Across with relief projects in Southern Sudan in areas ravaged by civil wars; also, those displaced by the wars and provide project leadership in the areas of water, agriculture, cattle raising, food, and community health.

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Advisor to NOROC Foundation and Children/Youth Worker

The mission co-worker works under the direction of NOROC (New Opportunities for Romania's Orphaned Children) Tulcea as a spiritual shepherd and psychosocial counselor and advocate for children at risk in orphanages in Tulcea County. Liz Searles, who has been called to this position, works to support and direct the counseling center, working with the psychologist and other employees of NOROC in developing the center to its fullest potential. While Liz is involved in advocacy work for children's rights she continues to work directly with children and youth to bridge the transitions they face as they are forced from ...

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