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“You give them something to eat.” Matt. 14:16

Company Of New Pastors

Company of New Pastors is a vocational and nurture formation program designed to foster excellence in new pastors by deepening and sustaining the cultivation of their theological vocation. It focuses on the critical period of vocational formation beginning in seminary and continuing into the first years of ministry. While in seminary, groups of 6-12 participants are convened by faculty leaders for monthly meetings, to engage in common prayer and theological study of their ordination vows. Upon graduation, participants are configured into regional groups, which are convened by veteran pastors for four-day sessions at least once a year. These gatherings intentionally embody the ancient Christian wisdom that growth in ministry is fruitfully nurtured within the nexus of a community gathered around teaching, fellowship, breaking bread and prayer.(Acts 2:42). Both when they are together and while they are apart, the Company of New Pastors engages participants in specific disciplines of mind and spirit that shape and nurture faithful, fruitful and fulfilling ministry.